Shago instinct big probleme

please ig i like all the cast but that instinct from shago is just big injunstice for the rest of the cast . hes very good in everything (runner for sure and fireballs spammer :unamused:) but that instinct is very bad compared to the rest of the cast .

LET hIm fight like a big boy and give damage as everyone in the cast . cause his instinct is just a facility for loser who are awaiting us to jump or just mis a opening in front of them .then gives FREE 48%.

thats crazy !!! all these losers are sleeping on that.

right as everyone BECAUSE 48% must be earned and not as a coward

do something for it please . u know we work hard to try to give 48% damages (all cast ) just let him fight as a real man and find him something else in egality with the rest of players.
big thank to ear these and happy new year .:hand:

Ahnialation can be jumped out of, jabbed out of, DP’d out of pretty much anything. If you get hit by that move you were either sleeping or you whiffed big time.

This is where you as a player need to learn to play less recklessly. And use the spacing of your normals and specials properly. For Ahnialation to catch you off a jump it would have to be in landing frames which isn’t always easy for the shago player to time. You can still DP out of it in time because of the start up freeze of the move, you are also able to hold up and it wont catch you on trip guard.

This isnt too much different to fulgores devastation beam damage where you can be put in a situation where if you jump your eating 40% and a potential level 4 cash out. That is more Intimidating. The circumstances required may be different but they are both moves that require a lot of resources.

You as a player should recognise when a shago player is sitting on his instinct waiting to hit you. it may be annoying to deal with but this is where you as a player need to play smart and outplay your opponent.

If your really struggling with this move as a gesture of good will I’m happy to run a set with you however many games you want and I will try to catch you with Ahnialation at least once every game and I want you to avoid it. And counter it until you feel comfortable.

If your up for that my GT is the same as my user, however I want to post the ways you countered it on these forums to help out other players who are struggling with countering the move (not the full matches those stay between us) so how about it, you game?

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no one plays a perfect game… there are a few that know exactly when to use it and you cant jump out or poke. particularity Omens floaty jump. IM not agreeing with OP to remove it… but you cant always say “get better” or “its easy” …sometimes you just cant get away from it no matter what you do to react

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Here you go friend! Made by our very talented forum dude, @Marbledecker!


That’s kinda where the part about recognizing when a Shago in Instinct is waiting to hit you with it comes in. I’m gonna go ahead and say 80-90% of Shago’s will use the Annihilation as the way to spend their Instinct so as the opponent, once you see him get Instinct, you should be sitting back and waiting for him. A lot of the things he does are unsafe and can be punished very easily if you just block. Annihilation itself isn’t great, as it can be hit out by almost anything. The onus is on them to catch you at your mot vulnerable, giving you an advantage IMO. But that’s just me, I think I’ve only gotten hit once by it out of the 6-7 times a Shago has tried it (not bragging, was just usually pressing buttons that managed to hit him out of it).


This is just hilarious and awesome.


thank u very much for this . i took a follow on that channel too. but thats just thta instinct take too much for doing nothing .and all that coward spam it at the right moment always and take advantage when they was losing.

just let him fight as everyone.or give the same cheat spamming****** ********* ■■■■ to everyone so thats egal !

cause sometime the way people use him dont even make me need to use him thoug i was planing to buy him for me but finally he gonna be just for friends who come visit me . hes so simple to play

------>run away teleport ------>run away teleport ------>spamming fireballs up and down ---------->run away teleport ------>run away teleport ------slide kick ---------> if missed run away teleport------->firebal up and down and repeat till u lose from boring and tiring :triumph:


As the video shows you can avoid it on reaction. I get hit by it maybe one out of 5 times and that’s mostly because I’m not that good. There are a lot of characters who can do 48% damage with their instinct it’s often just not as obvious.

I’ll take dealing with trying to dodge annihilation over Sabrwulf, sadira and orchid instinct any day.


You should see mine. Mine’s cool and collected, and I’m Always close to you, no matter who you are. I kinda don’t like Zoning, unless it’s Glacius or something, but even then, I’ll still be up close. Try fighting some of the Forum Guys & Girls with Shadow Jago, or Vice Versa. You might learn a bunch about Shago!

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people are still complaining about that anhillation move…sigh i guess, its really not that hard to avoid, i got light punched out of it, it doesn’t even act like a shadow so it can be hit by everything! like omens devastation move.

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Id say they probably will have. Hence them all getting something new, it’ll turn into an ultimate like shagos

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Please no leave it as is.

Shago does ■■■■ damage, he needs Annihilation very badly, not to mention it’s easy as ■■■■ to avoid. God forbid a character in this game actually has a good tool without you scrubs shouting for nerfs every time.


hoooooooo yeah thats no even to ask thats just a must be . and that coward move free 48% from shago too :wink: