Shago Distribution After Moveset Release

The title of the topic is pretty self explanatory.
How do you guys think Shago will be/should be handled after his full release as his own character? Should he still be difficult to get? Or should he be made just as available as any other character? I’m not sure if IG or Microsoft have made any comments about this yet, but I’m curious to see what you say nonetheless.

They should keep him exclusive for tournament funding. A yearly Shago sell to raise money.

Yep, sell him once a year for two weeks to find tournaments. Maybe do an Omen fundraiser to give him full treatment too.

I can imagine that they will do one of two things. They will either release him like any other character thats finished, and he will appear in the character select. Or, you will have to complete a requirement to unlock him in game unless you already have the skin, and if you don’t want to do that (or can’t) you can purchase him for $4.99. I see that going the same direction as how you had to beat Shago to unlock his stage in season 1.

Honestly I think he will just be released normally without a cost. People like me who have had him since launch have had him exclusively for nearly 2 year and i think most of the community would be happy to loose the exclusivity if that means having a fully fleshed out character.

its not like the people who have had him exclusively or paid for him are being ripped off.

At first people who got shadow jago also got 12months Xbox live Gold Membership and it was priced at £40 which is the price for 12months Xbox live gold membership anyway so we essentially got him for free.

Later during the community fund shadow Jago cost £20 and you got him with 18000 KI gold which is £20 so estuary got Shadow Jago for free again we have never actually paid for the character so players can’t be upset about loosing his exclusivity he was bonus material to the package he was being sold with.

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I sort of like the exclusivity, it makes him really unique and other players look in awe. I do however see the downside to this, as a lot of people in the community will fight to the idea of selling Jago. I do like the idea of selling him once a year or maybe even twice to keep him still exclusive yet give the community an opportunity to play him. My suggestion just for the sake of exclusivity, I think he should be open to all the community on a timer, like the rotation of characters for f2p users.

Just sell him like the others characters, five bucks. Or make him unlockable (by beating the boss in the season 1 in Kyle or have your Jago play a lot of matches in Shadow Mode).

The exclusivity isn’t a good thing, especially since he will be a different character (I don’t care about a skin but a different character should not be exclusive). Give people which already own him some exclusive colors or accessories but let him be playable for everyone.

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