Shago changes?

Anyone able to list the shago changes announced in the stream earlier? I was watching and as soon as they started announcing them my internet pooped out.

One extra hit on j.HP if done with correct spacing and reduced frame advantage so if the opponent blocks it, you are even on block with the opponent rather than at huge advantage.

I think that’s really about it.

The hitbox is a bit reduced too.

They killed Shago with this change. He’s going to be completely useless now.


Even though there’s like a bunch of other moves you can have in your skill set to win?

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You sure that’s not a bit of an exaggeration? He’s still really good and fun, people just aren’t happy his mega tools aren’t so thoughtless now.


Sigh. You have a cross up dive kick. A cross up low. You have instinct grab/drain opponents meter. You have a nearly safe overhead and a long range normal. You e juggles from grabs. A slight nerf to an air normal won’t be too bad.


I just hope the troll threads go to Gargos now.

So your admitting that the pizza cutter spam attack is a legit tactic that people use as his main go to move?

I havent read the details, but if its a slight nerf to his JHP…then it can only be a good thing. Teach people to use his real strengths and not use that move as a crutch.

No one really liked him anyways, apparently. Lol

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Guys I was being sarcastic, parodying the people that claim their character dies after completely minor nerfs.


That doesn’t seem all that bad really. From watching some of the better Shago on streams and such I don’t see the move being spammed or it being like his only thing.

He has decent/good normals, great mobility, silly-good instinct, all his crossup insanity, surged stuff to keep people guessing, crazy conversion potential off throws, yadda yadda. And it sounds like the j.hp is still a tool it’s just not brain dead ‘spam me until you hit’ … even on block is… well, back to even and the hit box changes and such just sound like we’ll have to tighten up our spacing a little.

My apologies then, but sarcasm is a little difficult to detect sometimes in plain print. Still, no hard feelings then I hope…

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Oh well,um sorry. Oops lol.

I was surprised I was the only one to pick up on the sarcasm, rough time.

I feel stupid for missing your sarcasm. In my defense though I had just come from a stream that had two people in it who were VERY seriously claiming Shago was ruined - so, please forgive my thickheadedness.

I hope SithLord got my Sarcasm. Lol

Shadow Jago’s vulnerable box also increases during the move.

So basically, you can actually AA him now.

Was j.HP really that good? Making a jump attack neutral in block and shadow-counterable is a pretty substantial changes to the move.

I didn’t see the stream so maybe I don’t understand something. I don’t recall having issues AA-ing j.HP

It was shadow counterable before as well. I think it’s a fair change because it was kind of brain-dead with all that advantage combined with its space control, and I main Shago/Jago/Arbiter. It’ll still be similarly useful because it’s a great cross up tool, you’ll just have to be smarter with the follow-ups.

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