Shago anouncer and additional costume ideas (:P)

You know how Shago sounds like he’s eating a box of cigs while he shouts? Wouldn’t that make an awesome announcer?

Normal Shago sounds like


So an announcer would be

I would use that all day.

Also, if they ever made additional costumes for characters, I would love an office boss skin for Gargos. Imagine garg wearing typical office clothing. White button up shirt, a pair of slacks, custom made shoes for his hooves, a pair of glasses and a tie. His minions could be dressed up too, and he could throw them to go fix that damn copy machine! His accessories would be “corporate ladder attire” (a fancy suit) and “weekend special” (a bathrobe with slippers) and maybe something else too. A warlord enslaving races is just perfect for the office boss idea.


So lemme get this straight:
You want an announcer that sounds like he’s got a sock stuck in his throat?




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Why does it read like Shago has a bad lisp? LOL Im not sure how I feel about this. Im not quite getting what your saying… do you mean an announcer that is more death metal than it already is? Or more speech impediment?

Funny sounding voice. I wasn’t trying to make it seem like Shago had a lisp but rather trying to interpret Shagian
(The language Shago speaks in game :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just think this announcer would be funny, albeit completely unnecessary, and I think Shago talks funny.

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Hey a lisp would be hilarious! Im all for it! They could use the kid that played the Eyeddol exhibition match Saturday night…cant remember his name! lol…he works for IG now!
Jus kidding…jus kidding lol

I really wanted to see people play with Eyedol, but it was 2AM over here at the time, so I missed the stream and I could only find the character walkthrough portion of the stream on YT.

Its immediately after the walk through… he and Geoff hero of time or what ever plays a 3 match exhibition before they change consoles and start doing the money matches.

Might be at the beginning of the rest of he stream…its all archived on Shin tristans twitch. there are 2 videos.

Thanks, dude!