Shadows mode, best single player mode in fighting games?

I feel like shadows mode is the best game mode in fighting games single player historie.
It extends the single player to ‘unlimited’ different opponents.
Its awesome for players who doesn’t play a lot multiplayer like myself but loves this game.
I realised it even more when i went to the local game shop (one of my friends work there) and tested out street fighter 5, that in my opinion doesn’t have a lot to offer, single player wise.
For a full priced game, i thought it would offer more…
Back to KI and shadows mode, i must say CONGRATS to IG for making it possible of bringing the multiplayer experience to single player!
Shadow mode is awesome, lets hope season 3 brings us even more goodies!!!
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I agree! Its really awesome! I just wish you could choose any character to fight shadows. Limited to 2 playable characters at a time is hindering its fun factor.

Here is what it needs IMO
Game tag search bar
More Shadow slots
Ability to select full roster out side of the 2 shadow slots.
Color customization of shadow character
Ability to fight all Bounties in a Ladder mode
Ability to create a shadows ladder ( Pick 8 GTs and fight your own customized ladder)
Use shadow points to purchase more shadow slots


Without a shadow of doubt, times a hundred billion, yes: as far as I can tell, shadows is the only single-player fighting game mode in existence which is worth playing for gameplay reasons.

One of my hopes is that, with the launch of season 3, shadows gets fully integrated with story mode and other casual attractor modes. Playing against opponents who make decisions like human players, without getting blown up online or just doing jump-ins in all day against a friend who doesn’t know how to play either, might be an utterly new experience for a lot of players.


If we are being brutally honest here…yes. Yes it is.

It is all I have been playing since started using it in January (I am using it as a training mode of sorts lol) and it keeps me so entertained. It gives you the ability to fight a seemingly infinite amount of life like opponents, so you can see many different play styles for different characters, and they don’t get repetitive like the a1. It is pretty damn great and hopefully other fighters will see just how great a mode it is.

I imagine it is also perfect for people who aren’t into playing online, because of the things I said above, its like fighting a real person, but without lag, rage quittiers. and hate mail lol


I’d argue that a real story mode like MKX is the real best single player game mode in history.

But yes Shadow mode is pretty entertaining but think it needs significant revamp. It needs something else to get me to come back. There is no real reason to continue playing other than bragging rights and if that’s the main reason then they should reinforce that. Let people search for specific shadows. Highlight pro players shadows. Let me watch shadows fight on their own, that would be entertaining in its own right.

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I think it’s a great technological achievement and a great idea, but I think the idea is still a bit flawed. Part of its introduction was “you can play people online without them being online”. I’ll play devil’s advocate and ask, “why shouldn’t I just jump into Ranked or Exhibition instead?”

I’m actually fighting a human that can adapt, not a human-like AI that may or may not be able to adapt, depending on how much information it’s gathered. Also, KI isn’t 10 years old, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to get online matches against people near my level. It’s good if you want to fight a specific person, but I think if both of you have enough time to build up an adequate Shadow AI, you probably have enough time to send an Xbox Live message to schedule and play a set.

I agree that it’s fantastic for new players who might be intimidated by the social aspect of a human-human fight, where their opponent acts like a complete jackass. Actually, I’ll probably try using it for that reason to get used to other characters… but I don’t think the intention was to have Shadows limited to a pseudo-training mode.

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Well Naruto Storm Revolution already had this before KI(I think) but we all know how horrible that game is.

I think if were talking story MK9 still beats MKX for my own personal reasons.

Shadowmode is hella fun I do agree with that Op, but I wouldn’t mind be able to play with more shadows so I can have one of each of my mains in the cast.

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Why? Because of cinematics? Because besides that MK9’s campaign was way better.

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100% agree

Even Injustice campaing was bettet than MKX

One of my favorite modes. It needs something extra but still a great addition.

Shadows is really all I play. I am still too intimidated to play online most of the time. But I love shadow survival mode. It is a bit buggy though. Last night it kept telling me it couldn’t connect to the servers and I’d have to reboot the game.

At this point, with this technology, I don’t see why they don’t replace ALL AI in ALL single player modes with shadows (unless you are offline). I would love whatever season 3 story mode is to also incorporate it. Even though you are playing through the story, each fighter you play will have completely different traits and tactics each time you play, because they are using a random shadow.

I wasn’t speaking about the MKX story I was talking about any storymode like MKX in general. Yes the MK9 story was better.