Shadows Lords BETA REVIEW

Shadow Lords is the best single player mode I’ve ever played in a fighting game since Edge Master Mode in Soul Calibur.

But as entertaining as it is, it’s far from perfect.

  1. This mode needs a better integration of the Emporium, Barrackments combined. Archives should be appart from this mode in the Bonus Section.

  2. Astral Plan needs a Stage Ultra for a true cinematic feel when you banish Gargos from Earth Realm. Every previous KI had a stage Knock Off for Boss Characters during finale.

  3. Consumables should be used with the click button on the right analog stick.

  4. Mimics for Guest Characters (Rash, General RAAM, Arbiter) should happen.

  5. Instead of Omen after 50% corruption, more characters variety will be pleased. Example : Eyedol, Shadow Jago, Aria (rumored to be behind Gargos arrival on Earth).

  6. Missions should happen in new continental areas such as Australia & Antarctica. Could we get more stages underway? Missions in parts of America should be in the same continent category for North, Central & South America. Simply label them as “America”.

  7. Astral Energy number for feeding the Guardians should be displayed on the Home screen HUD. So we won’t have to go to the Guardians snippet to know how much we have in stock.


They say everyone will get mimic skins

This please. I always like to read lore, and when I’ve just finished a playthrough it’s really annoying to have to set up a team and click through the pop-ups. It wouldn’t be hard to implement either, although it’s more of an inconvenience than anything.

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Would be more interesting to be Sadira, betraying Ultratech and the Earth, since her backstory says that she was visited by Omen at some point.

A big YES to 2 & 4!

That would be A big middle finger to Fight stick users who don’t have that button.

The boss version of shadow Jago from arcade mode would be cool, not sure if that works out lore wise though.
Also Aria brought Gargos to Earth with the intention of killing him.