Shadowjagos wakeup game?

Hey guys Ive finally gotten time to touch the game again and Ive picked up Jago to learn the fundamentals of the game.

One thing Jago does that I like is has traditional wakeup pressure where he can go into a special from a meaty on wakeup.

Shago on the otherhand doesnt have that. What are Shago’s options for the wakeup game to apply pressure?

And what are the traditional options that a more fundamental character would use to apply on wakeup?

You could try derpports(aka teleport divekicks). Could try normals canceled into overhead, dashes etc etc.

Shago can also go from a meaty into a special. What do you mean he doesn’t have that?

blocked special = punish.

Im looking for options where he wont get punished on block like everyone else in the cast when they do wakeup shenanigans.

Oh, you mean you want safe pressure. Yeah Shago doesn’t have that. He trades safeness in order to be hard to block.

what are his wakeup shenanigans then?

No safety means let loose on his options. Dash through grab/DP, meaty into Overhead, safe normals, surge Slide. Figure out what your opponent is blocking/evading and condition them appropriately.

Dash -> bs or meaty -> axekick. Is that really it?

Im gonna try Meaty -> sweep or meaty -> fireball in the lab. But is that really it for wakeup shenanigans for Shago?

In comparison what are some normal wakeup shenanigans?

edit: Meaty -> fireball seems to be safe but thats about it so far along with meaty -> axekick.

…Can someone more knowledgeable please reply?

Bass? Yiffy? Anyone?

Meaty forward HK into:
-Slide for low
-Back HK for overhead
-Divekick for right/left mixup
-Forward dash into:

  1. Punch for dark catastrophe for cross up
  2. Kick for divekick for right / left mixup
  3. Throw to beat blocking

There are enough options IMO to remain unpredictable from a meaty

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In addition to the mixups (which I think are really strong), Shago has some safe frame traps along Jago lines that can confirm counterhits on reaction. Try:

clMK clMK crMK xx overhead


clMK clMK MP xx overhead

In both strings, if either clMK counterhits (and really it should either counterhit or be blocked for the most part), the following button will link off the extra counterhit frames and you can cancel that on reaction into a slide opener. This sort of thing is also mostly better for Jago to do than just normal xx laser sword over and over again, so you do have some of Jago’s best frame traps with Shago just thanks to keeping Jago’s excellent clMK.

You can also leave the frame trap strings above at whatever point in order to go into Shago’s mixups or a step kick into dash mixup. There’s a lot of versatility here.

That said, what you’re signing on for with Shago is dirty, unsafe mixups. If you want stability and safety and the ability to frustrate impatient players seemingly without end, and still want solid defense, you should really consider just moving over to Jago. You seem to covet a lot of Jago’s tools, so maybe he’s your guy. If you’re willing to give up defense but want a bucketload of safe pressure to go with your dirty arsenal of mixups I think you might want to look at Wulf or Riptor. It’s kind-of a safe pressure/dirty mixups/great defense, choose two situation. (Although if you want all three, then I might have just the robot you’re looking for, out back somewhere…)

These are both probably pretty bad. My recollection is that fireball isn’t safe up close.


You are right, fireball is unsafe, around -7/-8 on block if I recall correctly. Not sure about surged fireball on block though, but using surged fireball on blockstrings instead surged divekick it’s an unforgivable sin IMO

ya, Ive totally jumped to Jago as my new main and everything I believe about fighting games is coming true. Buffering moves, footsies, DPs and all that good stuff. Im going thru survival mode to shake the rust off with Jago after not playing for so long and Im considering bumping my difficulty to Killer because the AI doesnt know wtf to do anymore.Theyre sandbagging the entire game and it feels amazing.

The original plan was learn Jago so I can shago but Im actually having fun now.

The fun comes from what “clicks” on you. Jago and Shadow Jago are boring to me, Aganos and Gargos are really fun to me.

Also, some characters are more enjoyable after learning some characters before.

Nice to see that you are having fun ^^

Learning KI by maining Shago was like eating soup with a fork.

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Shago has the same normals as jago. Use them. Shagos oki is one of his better tools on knockdown. But for safety use his great normals!

For me I find it effective to utilize dashing over the opponent, keep them moving the stick an thus moving the block direction. You have time to do many things besides his specials off the dash. Some players are intimidated by the 33% chance of what you’ll do which really works in your favor. Sometimes doing nothing is just as good, depends upon your opponent and how you want to approach the match.

OSing is fairly the same as Jago, there aren’t any real specific ones for Shago that I personally can recall, you might look to DaaChronicle, Yiffy Shonryu, or even some of Bass’ clips to see those or ask them directly if they found any unique to Shago.

I will utilize specials on wakeup depending upon the character. You won’t see me tele DK on a riptor, wulf, glacius etc. very often, UNLESS they let me get away with it I will do it. Tele DP is fairly universal, but I don’t like the punish opportunity, test the waters see how protective your opponent is being, one risk is fine depending upon the resources your opponent has. But never forget the more risk you put in the more work you’ll find yourself doing later on.

So more reliably I’d rather utilize normals or dash throw. Dash throw is a risk in that you CAN be punished for doing it, BUT if they tech it you’re back to neutral which is a sacrifice I’ll take any day. Again shago has the SAME normals as Jago, so is still a good meaty option an the same rules apply here as with jago, watch meter, watch what type of wakeup options your opponent has. You can catch backdashes with, an with it being dash cancelable if your opponent blocks it you’ll dash, which is unsafe but you get another chance to keep pressure on the opponent. Sometimes I’ll even backdash after the, which takes a bit and isn’t a cancel, but gives you space, another risk, just be careful to recognize the options your opponent has.

you can risk a surge fireball, but the startup is so long that you’ll get tossed. my general go to is to keep moving which keeps the opponent moving, which keeps them guessing, which keeps you at an advantage but within risk. have a plan of attack for each character, know what they can safely do on wakeup with and without meter. I’ll abuse thunder all day on wakeup until he gets meter, but i won’t do that for wulf or jago.

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