Shadow Skin Pack!

Okay so I see a lot of other people talking a lot about the idea of another shadow character and debating on who it should be. In my honest opinion, I dont believe we need another shadow character. One is enough we dont need to waste another slot on a shadow character. In compromise though, I think we should be pushing for a " Shadow Skin Pack" where EVERY character can get a shadow skin and look like a “bad ■■■”. I think that is the best possible solution on this “Shadow” topic. Instead of wasting a character slot on Shadow Orchid, for example, every character can get the shadow treatment and no players are alienated in getting their character “Shadow-fied”. Thoughts?


I believe in theory and on paper your idea works out but in practice I’m not so sure it would. I say this because if every character had access to a Shadow Skin, in my opinion, would just devalue the rest of the costumes or colors in the game. Every single person in ranked would just be using the new Shadow Skin 100% of the time. What made Shadow Jago so special when he first came with the XBL card was that first off you had to shell out $65 for it and secondly it was only available for a short time until they started to make him more readily available later on. I actually remember playing with Shadow Jago skin on Day 1 and literally almost every match I could hear some guy over his Kinect asking where I got that skin from and just made me feel cool haha.

Shadow Jago in my opinion especially being his own character who anyone can get now has lost its cool factor and it’s kind of time for something cooler to take his place as the special “not everyone can have me” factor item. Quite honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if another Shadow Character that Adam has been teasing is the decided pre-order bonus for Season 3. It make sense because TJ combo was the pre-order bonus for Season 2 and Shadow Jago was a bonus for buying the card. So if they do a Shadow Orchid the people that would have it are those fans who decide to shell out the cash ahead of time. They still have 60+ days before release so that would probably be enough time to whip up a Shadow Character skin honestly. I don’t mean a full character because that wouldn’t happen but just a skin like how Shago started out.

Again that is just my thought on your suggestion not to mention I don’t think they would have the time to invest into making a shadow skin for 26+ characters unless they just did them over time.

Id rather it be Shadow Maya…but that’s just me. Seems she would be closer to being possessed than orchid…since Maya is on the trail of Kan-ra and Omen would be near the portal?

I think Maya needs a little push as well…hoping she gets the rework done also

When the was Shadows mode was released I was thinking about this. For all character to have a new color/skin like Jago had before before Shago became a real boy… and when fighting on the shadows mode your opponent would be using this skin/color. I never thought they would make Shago a real character.