Shadow Shadow Jago Stole My Gold! (KI Gold Loss)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I was going to top off my Thanksgiving with unlocking new colors for Cinder & General Raam using the amazing KI birthday bash, as well as buy the Shadow Jago Shadow Skin (that’s a mouthful!), but for whatever reason, when I bought Shadow Jago’s shadow skin, the game froze, forcing a restart on my Xbox One. When I logged back in, the game registered that the 1,500 KI Gold had been “spent,” but the purple, shadowy Shadow Jago skin is still locked.

@developers I would really appreciate some help! Thanks ahead of time, and have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


PS. UPDATE! It’s all taken care of! I re-re-restarted the game, and now I have access to Shadow-Shado Jago. Cool.