Shadow sandtrap needs improvement

Why does a combo break destroy ex sandtrap ? Why does kan ra get punished for proper spacing and opening with ex sandtrap? Another question, why can kan ra’s command grab be teched from close?


Regarding the Shadow Sandtrap, I think it was done initially to prevent interrupts from the scorpion tail after the CB. Not really sure what destroying Sandtrap is for now tbh… The stinger counts as a projectile, so maybe it’s like how Cinder’s fire blobs get destroyed after a CB.

Now for the command grab being breakable, I’ve only read about and have seen that happen in the corner… I’m convinced that is a glitch, and I’m sure it will be patched out with the next character release…

Shadow trap might cause some bugs on CB. That’s why I want it to transform into a normal trap.

Makes sense at least you sill have sand out. The current system in place is unfair. It costs meter and you made the right read, why get punished for that?

IG should just either confirm or deny the glitch, and if the glitch has been confirmed, fix it. I don’t see the need to turn Shadow Sandtrap into a regular Sandtrap after a CB. We as Kan-Ra players work too hard to land that in a proper position, why lose it after a CB? It’s like armored characters losing their armor/chunks after a CB during a combo.

Come to think of it, it may just be intentional. When you get combo broken you are technically getting hit, so perhaps the game is registering the combo break as a hit and the rules about shadow sand trap kick in, get hit, its gone. Thats the only theory I can come up with that makes sense to me, unless it really is a bug.

Also, I think the command grab is not bugged even though it can be teched with a regular throw from close. In reality, it is not a command grab. When a “command grab” is performed, check out ra’s hurt and hitboxes. The hitbox of the throw is at the very end of the bandage wraps, and Kan Ra actively has a throw hurtbox(Blue) on his body from startup to finish. So what’s really happening is, when doing a “command grab” from close, your opponent could mash a throw tech and tech your “command throw” since it’s really not one, it’s just a regular throw with range and active boxes just at the tip and on his body of course. Whether it’s intentional or not I’m not sure.

Combo breakers always count as a hit towards effects that disappear when the character who causes them gets hit. Be it spinal’s curses, cinder’s bombs, Maya’s dagger assault or Mira’s vampire mist (probably among others I can’t recall off the top of my head). Why should it be different for Kan ra’s shadow sand trap?

As for the command grab getting teched, that I really don’t think is intentional and I didn’t even know could happen. Has someone reported it in the bug thread, with proper video support?

IG if could should make counter breakers count as their own thing so these things don’t happen unless its intentional but that is really unfair to the Kan Ra and Maya players since on is using meter and has to set it up and the other is getting rid of half their buttons and a projectile.

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So, now I don’t know if you guys meant to talk about counter breakers or combo breakers xD

If you actually meant counter breakers, then it’s even more natural that the trap should disappear, to avoid any kind of safe CB situation.

If you meant combo breakers, like I thought you did when I did my earlier post, then well, sorry but I wouldn’t agree it’d make sense for kan ra to get his combo broken and keep the opponent locked down (or maya, for that matter, or for Mira to keep regaining life and doing potential damage, etc). The way combo breakers are done now the game is meant to return to neutral, as much as possible. Zoning characters already get a better deal by having space created for them when their combo gets broken, so I don’t really feel Kan needs an extra advantage in that situation.

I was talking about combo breakers, guess my theory was correct about the combo breaker hit being responsible for destroying ex sand trap. I didn’t think about this before the op. Seems to be working as intended then. I’m fine with the cb hit effect across the board except in this case, because it cost me shadow meter whereas in other scenarios theres no shadow meter risk reward ratio in the mix, just other character archetype risk reward nuances. In some mu’s shadow meter and ex sandtrap are crucial for survival.

The meter cost is already paid up by the move itself. An assist that stays on screen until you get hit or you decide to get rid of it is a big thing. It shouldn’t resist combo breakers as well. Being on top of a shadow trap is already dangerous enough as is, IMO. If the trap made it so Kan Ra could be at an advantage even when combo broken… well, it doesn’t really sound fair to me.

I think the move is just fine as it is. It’s up to the kan ra player to try and avoid getting combo broken, go more for stray hits with normals and grabs, etc.

What about destroying the auto stinger but leaving the sand pile instead . Getting combo broken can be a problem for ra. I think it’s cheesy that not only did my trap get destroyed, I have to block a free rash or glacius headbutt or shoulder check after being reset to neutral by cb with no reversal and bad buttons . What if it was my last stock. Now I have to block pressure with no sc or sand.

Yeah, I’d be ok with shadow trap leaving behind regular sand when it goes away, actually. Not only when combo broken.