Shadow ruin needs to be fixed

1st off hello to my fellow Aganos brothers and sisters. Has anyone noticed that shadow ruin is not invincible as it should be? I’ve played many matches and noticed that I’m still getting hurt during the animation is anyone else having this problem?

Invincible doesn’t mean that you don’t take damage; it only means that nothing effects you during the move (other than well-timed throws). Also, the invincibility only lasts through the startup of the move (or until it actually hits - I can’t recall which); after that you only get infinite armor until recovery.

I thought it was startup invincible except to grabs, always invincible to fireballs and has infinite armour while active.

The move is invincible to everything except throws for the first 7 (I believe) frames.

After that, it is completely projectile invincible, and has unlimited armor to beat strikes.

So yes, you’re right.

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Yeah, there’s nothing to fix about it. After the invulnerable frames, it’s armored, so you can take (reduced) damage, if that’s what you’re talking about.

I’m pretty sure it can only get stuffed with a non-throw if Kan-Ra hits you with his st.HP or cr.HP after you’ve traveled across half of the screen, which is a pretty rare circumstance.

Or I guess if you get deflected by Tusk, but that’s a Tusk thing, not a Shadow Ruin thing.
it looks like i lost health before the hit

Well, if what Infil says is true, your invincibility only lasts for the 1st 7 frames, which I’m sure that hit was long after.

Shadow ruin is around…I believe a 12 frame startup.

And I think its invulnerability was indeed said to last for 7 frames during S3 gameplay changes breakdown. So yeah…

thanks for the response everyone