Shadow Rashokuken/Orda Sheild meter ender weirdness

So, These moves are a little out of the ordinary in the sense that they linger longer than most shadow moves, and they have a weird trait to them; Omen cannot gain meter so long as either of them are on screen. At first this makes sense, being able to build meter on block while the opponent has to block Shadow Orda Shield would be cheap. But the Part I am worried about is the fact that Omens enders don’t build any meter at all If either of these moves are active. I don’t know if this is a bug or just how it was meant to work, But I still find it troubling that there are situations in which a meter ender won’t build any meter.


Interesting, you may want to tag @TempusChaoti or @TheKeits for an explanation :wink:


Agreed…very interesting! Id like to know more abut this. I never even noticed it!
I really wish they would make Shadow Orda shield a Shadow ender. The damage doesnt have to be higher than regular Order ender… it just needs to look cool!
Omen needs a shadow ender so we can complete the TRIAL “use 3 Shadow enders in a match with Omen”

thanks for sharing!

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How would I do that? (sorry, I’m pretty new to the forums

I did it for you already, by adding an “@” next to a forum username, you are calling them out. It appears in their user panels.

You just explained it yourself! Being able to gain meter while using these techniques was too strong, so we prevent it. Yes, this includes enders.


Thanks for the info! I never even noticed this…and I thought I was good with OMEN lol

Well then there you go, thanks. I simply didn’t know if it was intentional or not. I will assume you guys already know about level 1 slide ender not building meter ever, so I can’t really complain about it & I’m sure IG is working to fix a royal ton of bugs when season 3 goes into effect. Thanks Keits, and good luck on… well, everything.

Never assume we know about an issue. Its a huge game filled with moving parts, and things that worked yesterday could break tomorrow as a result of fixing something seemingly unrelated!

Always report bugs in the bug thread on the feedback forums here. :smile:

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[quote=“TheKeits, post:6, topic:2237”]
Being able to gain meter while using these techniques was too strong
[/quote] And now it’s been confirmed that Omens enders will build meter if Shadow Orda shield or Shadow Rashokuken are active. :imp:

Thank you for the change, I’m looking forward to Season 3 :grin:

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