Shadow payloadassault combos - bug or feature?

so i was in the lab testing various combos that include shadow payload assault to be chashed out into ruin through a wallcrash …

chashouts that include shadow payloadassault mostly happen if you do a regular ruin with any strength for a wallcrash, as with shadowruin in order to chash out potential damage you need to include one breakable attack or it oherwise doesn´t cashout and gets combobroken

now something i find weird is that if you don´t immidiately connect shadow payloadassault on hitconfirm varius things happen:

  • at any point in the combo when you press any autodouble (likely manuals too, idrk) and combo into sh. payload it causes the opponent to not be launched

  • at any point in the combo when you press any linker of pulveriser or natural disaster with 2 exceptions to then combo into sh. payload it causes the opponent to be lauched but immidiately ends the combogauge so you can cash out only with a regular ruin into a wallcrash, this also happens with shadow pulveriser

  • at any point in your combo when using either heavy natural disaster or shadow natural disaster to combo into sh. payload which propperly launches the opponent it allows to cashout potential damage with any version of ruin into a wallcrash …

soooo is there a bug or is it meant to be like this?

On stuff like this it’s really helpful to have video evidence, but what’s probably happening is:

  1. The only auto double that combos into S Payload is heavy kick. The combo is dropping because you’re trying to combo into the S Payload with an auto double that doesn’t have enough hitstun.

  2. M and H Pulverizer and I believe only H Natural Disaster combo into S Payload. What’s happening is that the hitstun is so short from any other moves that the combo is dropped and the CPU has already stopped Auto Blocking and thus get hit by the S Payload.

  3. The reason it allows for a cashout is because both versions of the Natural Disaster in the combo act as breakable points, thus allowing a regular Ruin to cashout the potential damage.

Hope this helps!

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i´m playing on the xbox so no idea how to put videos from xbox on the forum

you can use or (these sites have access to any xbox dvr clips that have toggled their profile setting to “public” as opposed to “private”

Just type in your gamertag or any other person’s gamertag to watch the associated clips