Shadow of Omen colour

Was saving to buy this but isn’t it very, very close to colour 6?

Not at all…its much darker and has the smoke effects


Thanks! Only 18k short at this point.

Since my shadow lab was down for over 3 months and then I had to delete it and lost all my shadow points…I was given a little gift to buy a few with KI gold for my troubles.

Ill have to grind for the rest though on my new shadow profile.

I feel Omens Shadow color is a bit too dark purple…almost blurry in a sense. It needs to be a bit more…sharp.

Hey Sera long time no chat! That’s great to hear you got shadow lab working again. I’m still locked out of shadow lab & the game won’t let me delete my old file. Any tips on how to fix this? I miss the hell out of Shadow labs & am ready to get back to work on making a new one.

@TotalJimkata can help you with your Shadow lab…just PM him on here with all your issues and maybe a short video clip of the moment it doest work and his team will help pinpoint the problem.
It took a few months but they got mine working…the Shadow lab is better than ever! Its 10x better and deeper than it was back when it first came out!

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Actually the shadow colour is pretty sweet for Omen! On some stages with the right lighting it looks fantastic.

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I know right!? It does look a little fonky during character select, but once on the right stages it tones down a bit.
I do wish he had a TRUE Shadow color that is like a black and grey.

The mimic and shadow skins look great on Omen because he already is a being made of energy anyway. I hope they branch out and do more along these lines.

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