Shadow not fighting back

So recently my Shadow in shadow lab has become docile towards me. Whenever I test it out, it just stands there and gets Annihilated by me, even if I just fool around against it. I have well over 50 recordings on how to fight him, but it just stands there now. This is disappointing as I used to just Love fighting against my Shadow.

It still wins fights online at random and loses at random too, but just when I fight it, it just doesn’t want to throw a punch or combo break anything. It doesn’t even try to avoid me, sometimes it blocks, but that’s rarely.

If it’ll help, the Shadow is Shadow Jago and it has 54 Shadow Jago recordings. And I am a very aggressive Shadow Jago player, my shadow should be recklessly trying to crush me!

I should also note, that online it isn’t anywhere near as aggressive as I am either. Actually it uses some very strange strategies I don’t do at all.

It’s a glitch. Not sure when it will be fixed, but this has been happening seemingly randomly for a couple months now.

That bug has been going on alot longer than a couple months. The only reason more people notice it now is because of the shadow skins.

I know this sucks, but you will need to delete the shadow. It will not get better. I habe tried to work with a broken shadow before, and nothing works. I spent months trying to get my Hisako to stop jumping for no reason. I did over 200 recordings, and nothing changed. When a shadow gets a move set programmed, then no amount of recordings will change how it fights.

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Would any of you mind if I ask, how do you get your shadow recordings? The only recordings I use are ones I take from matches in online ranked. I never record in Shadow Lab except for the initial 3 recordings to use to get it activated, and while it functions, it seems so weak, I’m really sure this isn’t the Cinder I trained. He doesn’t seem to do much, and when he goes on the defensive, he always uses heavies, which is incredibly weird since I do a lot of mixup between all strength linkers and autos.

Even my Thunder, who I haven’t trained since season 2 behaves like this as well. He’s too stupid and does nothing but heavies. He doesn’t use any of the old high low setups I used when I was a Thunder main, and he’s just to docile, my Thunder was so much more aggressive. He used to poke with long range heavies and mediums and used Ankle Slicer from range and had all sorts of block cross up shenanigans.

For Thunder, I used to record against other Shadow opponents a lot, but after a while I just used only ranked footage. But for Cinder, I only ever use match recordings to train him.

I applaud the shadow lab for what it is trying to do, but something went wrong with it, and now the shadow lab has got to be messed up. I’m not gonna outright delete my shadows, but it’s disheartening to see my Cinder that I have put so much effort into go to waste with him being so lacking.

I would also like to ask that we play each other’s shadow sometime and see how they react to other players than ourselves and see how aggressive they are. Maybe there is something wrong with us downloading our OWN shadows to test, but we don’t know how they behave against other players.

Edit: If any of you want to challenge my shadow, my Thunder can be found by Challenge Shadow > Sort by price > select Thunder as character > select 250 point category > He’s in 24th place. If you fight him, let me know how he reacts and works in battle, because if he’s as docile playing others as he is against me, then there is some consistency to the issue. If he’s more aggressive and less…stupid, then there’s an issue of you fighting your own shadow, and that helps narrow it down.

There is definitely a bug in fighting your own shadow. This was acknowledged by the devs and they’re looking into it. Lots of people are reporting that when fighting their own shadow, their shadow seems to do nothing. In actual matches, though, the shadow performs as it should. Are you watching the replays of your shadow’s fights against other people? You don’t have to wait for us to tell you how it fights, just watch the replays and see what it’s doing.

I just challenged your shadow and no he is not docile. He seems to be performing about right (for a shadow). He definitely likes to do shadow CotE while i’m waking up. :slight_smile:

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If your shadow is not broken, then it works like this.

Every match you fight against the same character your shadow will learn a little more about the match. If you look at your recorded matches you will see 3 colors. Red, yellow, and green. If it is red then there is very little data for your shadow to use against that character. Yellow means that you have recorded a few and your shadow is starting to see how you fight in that MU. Green means you have recorded enough matches that the Shadow will play the MU as best as it can using the moves that you do to the best of its ability.

You can record any match that you play using your shadow in “except shadow lords” . That is because of the items and that affects how the match is played.

I will fight your shaodw, and PM you about the match. If you habe anymore questions just PM me and I will answer what I can.

Yeah, I knew all of that already. What I’m trying to see is if there is a problem where if you face your shadow, is that the only circumstance that the shadow goes dumb? Or does it still underperform even against others when selected in the Shadow menus or when it shows up in survival or Shadow Lords. I remember facing my shadow in season 2, where he was more powerful. But now Thunder just doesn’t seem to fight back, and I’m trying to help determine the cause of this, and I don’t believe it’s because he’s not got enough green level recordings, which he has several green and lots of yellows, so he’s better off than most, and should be smarter than my experience just now.

Basically, I was curious about other people’s endeavors and see how they recorded their matches, whether they train their shadow by facing it themselves or if they do it through exclusively recording ranked matches like I do.

Any data we can get down to narrow this issue can help get it fixed later down the line. If the devs haven’t fixed it yet, and it’s been going on for months, then there’s something bigger at work, and maybe they need a little community help in fixing it.[quote=“TwopackShaker76, post:5, topic:18708”]
Are you watching the replays of your shadow’s fights against other people? You don’t have to wait for us to tell you how it fights, just watch the replays and see what it’s doing.

This is one of those times where I say, “if it were a rattlesnake, it would have already bit me.” That totally slipped my mind, I’m gonna watch a few now and see how he works. Thanks.

I didn’t mean to say you were stupid by pointing out the green, yellow, and red record colors. It was just a starring point for me to explain. That was done so in didn’t forgot to leave something out.

I never took it like that, though I guess I may have sounded a little defensive given how I worded that reply. But to be clear, no offense taken, and none fired back either.

I never came across this problem when I test it out.

So not only is Kyle AI broken, so is this? My favourite things to play and watch on this game; I haven’t played this for ages due to Kyle AI being broken and too easy (plus the cpu vs cpu is broken; one AI constantly striking the other, no shadow counters at all, goes to time out, just very dull…

This scares me, I mean I put A LOT of work on my shadow, since Shadow Jago first became available as a shadow. If this is true, then I will wait for the next update, and if it’s not fixed… Then I guess I have to make a new shadow. Eh, I’ve got about 100k Shadow points, nothing really lost.

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I haven’t played KI, ever since that patch broke the kyle AI (apparently the shadow AI as well now?).

Until these are fixed, I’m leaving it be.