Shadow Missions

Ok, so I’ve been really into this shadow lords mode; it’s one of my favorite things at the moment next to the brilliant shadow labs however… I have yet to figure out how to get shadow missions. Do they just show up, or is some action on my behalf required to trigger this?

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

There will be a quest line that has to do with Shadows. Once you complete the quest line, shadows will show up periodically in your mission selection. Aside from completing the quest there is nothing you need to do to make shadows appear. And in any subsequent playthroughs (with new teams, etc.) you do not have to repeat the quest line. Shadows will appear automatically from there on out.

Hmmmmm, wonder why I’ve yet to see this quest line. Did you have a character who you have a shadow for in your team?

I don’t really remember if I did or not. But I wouldn’t think that’d be necessary (and never heard anyone saying this was necessary either). My own shadow had nothing to do with shadow lords or this quest line.

Ok, thanks for the feedback! I guess I just keep playing. Cheers!

Ok, so I gave it some more time/playthroughs… something isn’t right. Who can I ask about this? The only one I know is rukizzel or whatever his tag is. Any insight?

As far as I know, when you’ve started SL a mission should pop up, once completed shadow’s have a random chance to show up. The missions show up as ? Shadow something has a few prefix’s that pop up. I don’t remember if you need a shadow lab character or not. I don’t think you do. I also don’t remember if you can reset the shadow lords quests itself or just character specific ones.

I don’t know of any difficulty completion requirements either. Do you get shadow missions at all? I can show a pic when I get home of what one looks like.

@TotalJimkata I don’t remember the quest name itself since it was ages ago but maybe offer some insight?

I think it appears when you beat Gargos on any difficultly I could be wrong but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Hmmmmm, I have around 10 playthroughs on challenging. I’m genuinely perplexed as to why I’ve not seen them. I regularly get bounties and wins in SL, but have yet to be able to have a mission.

Maybe 3.7 will be the turning point.

Well we shall see then.

Basically they are not quest chains if that’s what you’re looking for. When a Shadow Character pops up, the bounty is prob the best way to put it, you beat them, you kill or get more shadow points from them or, spare them and get other stuff. If those are popping up for you, then everything is working.

Those would be the “Shadow Missions” that I was referencing before.

So I played for around 5 hours yesterday (I usually take a day off after a major update), and still have not seen any shadow missions. The only note I can add is that I did get to fight a shadow as one of Tusks story missions; but that was it! So I can only surmise that I am missing some sort of trigger for this. It’s a little frustrating because I want to see how it plays out :frowning: