Shadow Lords Role Playing

I wanted to do something fun, so guys please play along.

Rules: create dialog, tone setting passages, and character intro analyses for any OCs
Create an OC two per person.
If you want to add the guest characters then go right ahead
DO NOT create an ending
respond and add to anyone’s reply as much as you want
Everything else is fair game

Now the point of this is to create a SL story
Prompt: Gargos has nearly conquered the earth. Most of the KI fighters have been possessed and fight for Gargos (Kim wu, Shin hisako, Jago, Maya, Tusk, Aganos, Sabrewulf, Riptor, Thunder, T.J, Kilgore).

Cinder, Mira, and Sadira fight with Gargos willingly.
Spinal is in the astral realm just floating in his ghost ship
Aria, Orchid, Fulgore, Eagle, Glacius, Hisako, and Kan Ra are the only ones around to stand up against Gargos.
Aria, Orchid, and Kan Ra has captured Eyedol before he is able to destroy the world in a fit of rage. They plan to release him into the astral realm to fight Gargos. The rest of the alliance must use the guardians and the fighters old weapons to release the possessed from Gargos’ control.

A Team of of Four(Known as Brute Force) deployed to uphold the 88 decrees have landed on earth to complete their mission. They are not an ally to Gargos or the Alliance. They must to destroy the earth. (Glacius must choose a side)
One of the members is an alien cyborg with some human features(half of her face is human like with blonde hair and a pink highlighs in her hair ) along with features like Glacius with a crimson aura emanating from her. She wields dual weapons similar to a yoyo with a circular razor blade around it with a string attached (Like the identity disc with a string attached ). She also has skates with lazer blades on the bottom. Her name is Roxy Rave.
The rest of the 3 characters can be created by you guys.
Now GO! GO! GO! (Not really sure if it’s role playing, but you guys get the idea)