Shadow Lords release date?

Will this be released on July 22nd at the same time as Eyedol?
The achievements for both shadowlords and Eyedol have appeared at the same time, so I would expect them to be out very soon. New achievements typically get added less than a week away from new content releases.

However, I am seeing some folks claiming Shadow Lords is set to release September 20th?
That’s a massive wait which annoys me because the achievements are already live! I want to get started collecting 50 daily rewards asap!

No, it releases in September.

Dang, why are the Shadow Lords achievements live in July then? That’s a painful wait considering there will be daily rewards we can’t even start working on.
Also, I don’t think anyone will have 100% achievements until probably October or November due to the time-related 50 daily rewards achievement.

If then, why achievements are out?

@blaqshaq @RyuHayabusaX

I think its because they plan to do an early release “beta” sort of thing, people at EVO were able to sign up for it. Odds are Shadow Lords will be completely playable soon so it makes sense to bundle all of the achievements in with the Eyedol update.

My guess is they had planned to release SL this month, but MS is having them hold off to coincide with the disk release, but they already had a few parts in motion they couldn’t stop, such as how we all technically already have SL downloaded, or most of it anyway, though it’s locked down for now.

No, it’s really just because Shadow Lords is such a big mode that they want to make sure it is as interesting and functional as possible. That why they want play testers to help them make sure it works and to give them feedback.

It would have been delayed whether the DE existed or not.