Shadow Lords refuses to load for me at all on Xbox One

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it says “unable to connect to xbox live” when I try to select it, I’ve tried this on my account and 2 dummy accounts as I thought maybe it’s tied to having a shadow or something but nope on the dummy accounts which have never touched the game before I still get the same error, like it literally won’t open at all.

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Are you playing on console or PC? If PC, Windows Store or Steam?

Are you playing via Xbox Game Pass, free-to-play, or do you own the game?

Xbox One so console, free to play but bought the ultra pack full edition years ago every-time I’ve gotten back in to the game it’s worked fine up until December last year and I now came back to it and the error is still here.

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Okay, so Xbox One and you have a purchased version of the game. Are you using the same account your purchased the content with? If so, then I recommend uninstalling and re-installing the game and seeing if that fixes things.

yeah I’m using the same account, I’ve deleted and installed it again twice today alone and countless times in the past.

Okay. I’d recommend reaching out to Xbox Support.

why? it’s an issue with the game.

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Because the game is officially done and the contracted developers have moved on.

Thus, being an Xbox Game Studios title, Xbox Support is the closest we have to an official support department for the game.

Up to you if you want to reach out to them or not.

I’ll tag @KRAKENJIMMY though. He did work on the game, and occasionally pops by here to help people out. I haven’t seen him in months though.

I also bought the full version of the game on xbox. And I confirm that statistics are not counted in Shadow Labs, thus it is impossible to get three achievements, please fix the problem, this is very important for us

I’m not a developer or tech support, I’m just a guy trying to help people out :).

You’re best bet would be to inform Xbox Support.

it’s working now after the shadow mode stuff was fixed.

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