Shadow lords (quoted text)

Official twitter teasers from shadow lords…

“The woman at the wheel was just as sleek and dangerous-looking as her famously streamlined sports car.” #KInovella #ShadowLords #Mira

“The black 1967 Ferrari Dino roared down the curving country lane toward the castle frowning down from the hillside” #KInovella #ShadowLords

These little teasers from shadow lords…

What do you think?

We all know shadow mode is going to be the new story mode, yet another style of story telling will be added to KI.

Not sure how I feel having ANOTHER completely different form of story mode.

KiS1 story compared to KIS2 felt jarring enough without adding somthing completely different all together.

But let’s see…

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After reading all of the information from the story excerpts they added, they may overhaul all of the story/arcade mode thing to this. A tradtional arcade mode with Fulgore/Shago/Gargos at the top and an actually story mode that takes place chapter by chapter or fight by fight across the globe that is shown in the leaked screenshot we saw awhile ago.


That’s a nice idea… add the existing stories into this one… I’d like that…

Unify killer instinct story modes

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Ooooh they better have Orchid flying A helicopter!

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From the s3 trailer:
We will fight mimics of existing fighters.
Mimics are/can be “mutated”.
We will have a team of 3 to fight the mimics.

Ravensburg, Thailand, New York and Siberia are levels shown. Which existing levels/stages would these teased stages correspond? I’m pretty excited for this mode.

Is this actual text from the game? Or fan fic.

actual lol


Again from the S3 trailer:

Our team will be recovering and perhaps using artifacts. Saberwulf used artifacts to fix his arms. Spinal was resurrected using an artifact called the mask of the ancients.

I don’t know why, but I’m desperate for a final fantasy style overworld where you can walk around with tiny chibi versions of the KI cast on your way between fights. I doubt that’s what they are going for, but it would be epic.

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Siberia = Tusk stage, Thailand = Sadira stage, Ravensburg = Sabrewulf stage?, New York = ARIA stage. Those are my guesses.

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