Shadow Lords MP + Dailies

Lots of people are enjoying Shadow Lords for what it is, a fun potentially immersive single player mode. The dailies do help with the cumulation of energy to keep your guardians ready. I like the craziness SLMP allows but, a lot of people just throw themselves in empty, and get destroyed by killer guardians. While it gets me my match bonus, lots and I mean lots of people quit early voiding all of my progress that match. While the dailies should remain shadow lords oriented, the fact that they are only for MP and it is tough to find matches aside from inviting a friend kinda sucks on top of the quitting. So I have a few suggestions. I like the idea of 5 daily events to do. The most rewarding ones should be the hardest, and they would involve the Shadow Lords mode itself. I have a list of ideas I’ve been working on and I think a lot of people would like these.

I will leave out difficulty scaling since dailies should be completable by everyone.

-Use a specific team captain (have it follow the free rotating character)
-Complete a character specific mission
-Use a consumable item against Omen
-Pull a guardian pack
-Fight Gargos (not beat bonus for beating possibly?)
-Open a Tank Chest with 2x Bonus
-Guardian specific dailies could be an idea
-Reach turn 10
-Defeat 20 opponents

Just a bunch of ideas I compiled, the list will grow. Have a pool of dailies that are randomly selected so it offers a variety of goals each day. Either quick or long and would keep each day new. Right now it’s play 1 SL match, play 5 MP matches and win 1.

I like Shadow Lords MP I really do, but sometimes it takes hours to get my dailies done waiting for people to let me finish a match let alone find one. The bonuses and dailies should be more geared towards the single player aspect of the mode and the Multiplayer there just as a fun bonus to play crazy matches.

Just post ideas you think would be good daily missions, don’t knock people’s mission ideas and remember that the missions should be able to be completed by someone who just started. Someone with no guarians and no consumables.

Another easy way to put it, the trials system that almost no one uses, that system could be implimented as a daily system. Since the trials rewards are soo trivial it is an ignored feature. Those are relatively simple as well.


Pretty much anything that adds more variety to the experience is welcome (I mean, who wouldn’t want that?). I don’t mind so much that there Dailies are particularly MP focused, but it would be cool to have a random set of (different) goals every day to keep things a little fresh. As you say, the routine is pretty set now – 5 MP matches and win at least one. Having any kind of variety to the daily challenges would add to the feeling that you’re accomplishing a new “daily goal” every day, rather than just going along with the routine. Adding SP-based daily challenges as you suggest certainly would keep things fresh too.

I don’t mind the Mp dailies either, it’s just the time it can take to complete them sometimes due to people leaving is unreasonable.

I’d really like to see more Daily Rewards for the single player aspect of Shadow Lords. Since the mode is primarily single player, it’d be cool to expand on that.

Maybe have weekly rewards as well with big bonuses for if you do something truly awesome, like “Defeat 100 mimics” or “Complete ‘The Hatchery’ Questline.”

That idea crossed my mind too for weekly challenges. Could earn loot packs or healing packs as rewards, or mimic points, make the weekly stuff a little more exclusive and much more challenging. I wouldn’t mind seeing some shadow lords profile card swag. Get an emblem that glows with dark neon or something, or a background, they had all sorts of exclusive icons in s1. I think SL is a good opportunity for them to come back. New swag for the p-card would definitely be a nice goal for completionists. Could have an icon for reaching 50 turns 100 turns, beating fully buffed gargos on normal, challenging, or godlike, I know people want accessories but that is a lot of work, this is a smaller easier start. Mimic icons could be an idea, they could even toss in the S1 icons that people can’t get as random challenge rewards too. I lost my S1 icons when my data deleted. Wouldn’t mind a chance to get them back.