Shadow Lords Mode Gargos keeps Reviving


After spending hours on Shadow Lords mode ( currently at Challenging mode) i’ve managed several times to fight Gargos with only 1 BUFF left ( the parry one ). I keep killing him but he gets 50% hp back when he dies ? Its really start to piss me off and I was wondering if someone knows a solution ?


Working as intended. If he has 50% instinct, he comes back to life. Use a grounded heavy to throw him off the animation and kill him again, and he wouldn’t wake up again


In the moment he starts to rise, hit him with a HK or HP and will have like a 1/3 of life left.

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If you can kill him when he has less than 50% Instinct, he won’t come back.

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So he keeps coming back to life because of his instinct bar is that all the time tho like I beat him 2 time in 1 match I never look at the ins bar so would he just keep coming back if it over 50℅ ins bar? Cuz i be getting mad when he come back 3 times

Its just once per character.

But if I win the first match and he have less then 50℅ he won’t get back up?

I was playing on Normal, had him in danger, and then he healed to 50%. For an already overpowered boss fight it is very frustrating to cheapen him that much. I lost the fight and now have to start all the way over? I much would rather a Story Mode for season 3. This mode is cool and all but it shouldn’t be the way to deliver the story.

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Yeah and sadly hitting him with even the smallest combo gives him enough instinct to resurrect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had him at zero instinct and went into a combo to finish him, only to have him magically gain enough to resurrect while hitting him.

Why the map not unlocking I beat him in challenging mode and nutting

I hate Gargos in Shadow Lord… He is OP as hell… -___-

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Is godlike difficulty that bad? He was pretty easy to deal with on challenging.

Easy? But my whole team are dead… I was trying to defeat him, but he keep reviving himself. :frowning:

Use the Shadow Lord item!
Resurrection is easy to deal with for characters like Rash who can start a combo with their heavy buttons. He can only do it once per character too.

I did…

Hmm. I will try that.

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What kind of Guardians do you use?

Snake and Vampire Bat

What level? The passive buffs with Killers make any character 70% stronger on defense and offense.

Add in the MKIII defense and offense items (plus 25% on both) and you are doing hella damage of top, and taking MUCH less.

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I would say those are terrible with most of the cast against Gargos. Exemplar and Fractured Ward are brilliant.
And since you play Arbiter, on Challenging or Normal, you can chuck grenades at the AI and block (you can throw in a couple of sword slashes to check them). They will attack right before the grenade explodes, giving you an easy opportunity.

This too.