Shadow lords is great. I have one nitpick though

The nitpick is that about afew characters have cutscenes regarding story. I get the season 3 characters have more because it makes since.

I noticed that some of the other characters do not have cut-scenes.

Ones who do are Jago, Kan-Ra, Sabrewulf, Fulgore, Kim-Wu, Tusk, Mira, Hisako,

I know mos tof them do not. Was this because the game early access at the momment? If so, will other other characters get their cut-scenes eventually? because I’d like to see what was going on in shadow lords with Glacius, Riptor, Cinder and so on.

(keep in mind this is a nitpick, so don’t worry, I’m having fun with the mode)

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Yeah whould love to see more cutscenes too. My other issue is the strong Free 2 Play feel, wich increased a lot with official release.

All items now need more ingredients to craft, pack prices went up, it is easy to see that MS wants you to put money in it, which whould be ok, but i already put over 100 bucks into it.

But overall the Mode is really cool and makes fun, think it will take some more rounds till ill be ready and finally beat Gargos.

Yeah, Shadow lords is pretty damn awesome indeed :slight_smile: