Shadow Lords Impressions Thread

Loving the mode, stayed up till well past midnight, something I dont often do now that I have a kid.

Every aspect seems to be lovingly made, from the emporium to items.

I also love that it makes you think and plan ahead and the dilemma pop-ups you get before and after a fight sometimes are awesome, they give the mode a hint of unpredictability.

And the surprise offer of a character (Riptor) to join me was very welcome (had to pass him up earlier in favor of Fulgore) as now I could switch out my Kim-Wu, who I am not capable with at all…

Anyways, some first impressions, bedtime now, fight on guys, for Earth!

Quick addition:

Thank you @developers for making the one singleplayer mode in a fighting game I have been waiting for my entire life :grin: This mode just tickles all my boxesn​:tada:


It’s possible to know?
Unlocked things, like astral plane, will stay unlocked after the official release?
Thank you

For sure, I mean its supposed to be a strategy mode. Whens the last time you played Risk and had someone get mad it takes to long to roll the dice? :\

@xSkeletalx - Just realized there is a Shadow Lord sub-forum, so please feel free to move this thread over there if you like :thumbsup:

So, what’s going on? Did Early Access go out or is it just the glitch?

EDIT: Is it only happening to Xbox players or is it happening to PC players too?

Are there unique balance changes in this mode? Was playing Aria and her medium allegro recaptured my opponent. I couldn’t hit them, they just landed standing and were invincible during their hitstun, and follow up attempts to recreate it have been unsuccessful, but it was totally a recapture. Is Aria getting a recapture in the next patch??

Do you have a recording you can upload? I can’t seem to recreate that.

The PREVIEW is only for Xbox right now. We are seeing some reports of this.

Our intention is that they will. And you’ve had an easier time of getting it, so lucky you! (it will be harder to unlock when we’re out of preview)

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That’s awesome to hear. And it’s going to get so much better very soon!

I know part of this is due to my regular-game habits, but I’d like to suggest that there should be some sort of UI or audio cues for chest appearances.

I find that I have a tendency to look away when I’ve taken out my opponent’s lifebar (checking email, the forums, etc) while waiting for what I’m expecting to be the outro and transition to the next fight or the results. This isn’t a big problem when it’s a normal chest, because I’m delaying myself without any other drawbacks.

Considering some Tank chests and the special chest are surprises, it would be great to have some UI to show there are more than just the original basic chest coming (only displayed during the rewards portion) and/or some kind of UI sound or announcer callout (“TANK Chest!”) to clue you into what’s available. @SasquatchPotato any chance this is possible?

It’s also a bit hard to get used to the way the Tank Chest doesn’t leave the ground, meaning your Shadows and Enders don’t always do damage in the case of something like a DP. I’ve missed out on double Tank Chest rewards because of this. I think we should either be able to launch Tank Chests, or should have some way to practice Tank Chest takedowns. There are probably specific combos with each character which are optimal for breaking Tank Chests, but wouldn’t be optimized in regular matches.


Yeah, I’m not really sure what’s the best way to take down tank chests with some characters. Fierce->opener->damage loop seems to be ideal, but a lot of times the damage ender just doesn’t behave like you’d want (i.e. - Kim shadow dragon kick missing the second hit) and the stupid chest survives. I’m not even sure Hisako can hit the blasted thing with her damage ender. :-p

Good note. Thanks for the suggestion

Keep practicing. We plan on adding an achievement about dealing heavy damage to a Tank Chest :slight_smile:

Just in case my speculations are correct:

Please don’t put the mimic skin unlocks behind collecting all the character dossiers. That’s a little too much RNG and grinding for my tastes.

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Yep. That’s not how we’re going to do it, so you’re in luck!


I’m really enjoying this mode. I went in completely blind. I did not watch any footage whatsoever before I started playing so I would be totally surprised. Definitely worth it.

-The mode is a little easy on Normal, but that’s a bit expected.
-I was a bit impressed with the cutscenes, considering it only uses in game animations and angles.
-There’s something satisfying and fun about hitting the chests.
-Feels cool that something happens after the fight. Almost like Ultimates, but it’s just chests, lol.
-I don’t like the tank chest hitbox. Whiffed a ton of attacks.
-Gargos was too easy.
-I wish I could “Mark all as seen” on the unlocks like the character unlocks.
-LOVE the mimic trash talking.
-Best part for me by far are the choices before and after fights. Gambling and morality are great.

I am really stoked to this mode and unlock everything. You guys have done a great job and I look forward to the updates, upgrades, and more content that’s incoming with the official launch! SO STOKED!!!


Okay, so here are my impressions so far with SL. I still haven’t been able to finish my first play through because I have to fight off the kids for TV time. lol.

  1. Pop up menus for making choices before and after fights.
  • I love this. Makes it so fun. Though I would like there to be some more risk/reward for making some decisions. So far it seams if you play the good Samaritan good things happen for you. Sometimes good guys make unselfish decisions that come back as a sacrifice to you. Also, seems like all the decisions have the same outcome. I picked some of the choices that @CStyles45 did when I watched his play through and the results were the same. It make a little more interesting if you got the same scenario and the outcomes could be different.
  1. When reading the explanation to defeat Omen, it said that ou needed to Ultra omen to defeat him. Not only did I not Ultra Omen, but it still removed the buff. Is that something that will come into existence on more difficult levels (Challenging/God-like) or when the official comes out? I think that either if you don’t end with an ultra Omen keeps fighting or to make it more challenging, it dies, but the buff isn’t removed.

  2. I haven’t seen too many character specific cut scenes to comment on them, but I would like to see more if that is possible.

  3. On Player specific missions. I would like there to be a prompt or a warning letting you know that there is a player specific mission waiting and if you proceed with your selected player, you will miss out on a potential mission. Especially when Omen’s are out. I missed out on one because I took my best character (Fulgore) into an omen match, but had no idea there was a Fulgore specific mission also available.

  4. Taunting end of the round. I would like if there was a way that you could taunt at the end of the match and not use a consumable. Not a huge deal, but I was getting the business from a TJ Mimic so I wanted to give him the fulgore bird, but forgot that I had a consumable on me. Maybe if you hold down and taunt or something like that. Not a big deal, but would be nice.

  5. Guardians. The bat and snake are really good. Even when they are not at KI level. Though I think that it would be cool for a mode to test out guardians that you need to have timing with. The Parry Guardian was one I was really looking forward to use, but when I got it, I couldn’t figure out the timing of it to use it properly. So unless I am fighting some low level AI, I’ll probably not use it because I don’t know really how to.

  6. Speaking of AI. It’s very obvious that you are playing the AI in this mode. It goes from really basic to my God I can’t get a hit in. Also, you can find some loops and then once you do that, it can take the strategy out of the fight. I haven’t played shadow survival in a long time to know if it would be better, but I am guessing that it would. Also something that could up the ante for people saving shadow data would be this. If your Shadow is used in Shadowlords as a Mimic. Then it could earn you astral gems towards your pot. The higher ranked the shadow could earn it a “level up” to going from Mimic, to the “real version” of that character. Depending on if it is used in Normal, Challenging or God-like, then the Shadow earns Astral Gems at a bonus level. Example Normal Mimic would get 1.0 bonus, Normal “real” get’s your 1.5. Challeng Mimic = 2.0, Real = 2.5… God-like mimic = 3.0, Real = 3.5. Or something to that nature. Then since your shadow is also earning you rewards, people will spend more time with putting love into their shadow.

That’s all that I have. I know it’s long. But wanted to say thanks for the game mode. Though most time I play ranked/exhibition, this will have me playing off line more.

and my comments to other peoples posts:

I really like this idea.

I found that when using Fulgore and using the infinite shadow moves for free and contently using shadow blade was the only way I was able to get the 2x on a tank chest, and was only able to get it once.

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That’s only if he has the “Bastion” buff. I’ve only run into it once out of all my playthroughs, and it was on a Jago mimic after a made a choice that gave him it.

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Ok, that wasn’t really that clear to me when I played him. I though that was for all Omen battles. Though I think that would make the game more challenging if it was applied to all Omens.

Also, thanks for the link, though I’ll wait to see a few more when I do a couple more play throughs.