Shadow Lords guardians SP vs MP

I’ve been playing SL for quite some time now. I thought I knew all the ins and outs of the guardians and whatnot. Last night in Multiplayer I faced someone with what I thought was a new guardian because the ability was auto parry. Anyone explain this at all? I can get video if need be. I was just surprised because Exemplar is tap forward to parry.

Green exemplar auto parries.

Dang, that’s such a good ability though. Might have to fish for a green one. I’ve only kept killer guardians.

I don’t think it holds many parries though. And I believe the recharge is quite long. I’d rather have a killer easily. Essentially infinite parries a match.

I can’t parry for the life of me in this game, maybe I’d do better against a real person. It’s odd because I could at least parry occasionally in 3rd strike, (which I didn’t even play a bunch), but here where they are technically easier to do I can’t at all.
I tried using exemplar on Kan Rah since I his slow curse would make it easier to do, but not dice.


It held 5 charges and replenished regularly. I’m sure if you get a perfect one it would be reliable, only thing is the stat difference.