Shadow lords glitch!

had a nasty ■■■■■■■ glitch that cost me… been grinding for a epic pack, got one, opened the pack, got the tiger card which then played a vid BUT after it closed my card and i didnot get the other cards… wtf

I also get constant loading crashes which again cost me a lost every ■■■■■■■ time…

When did the tiger come out?

I like that what you took away from this post…

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Cuz to my knowledge the tiger guardian hasn’t been released so the fact you got it probably shouldn’t have happened

It has been released already. Can’t remember the exact date, but at least 2 weeks ago.

I had kinda a same issue yesterday. I bought a killer pack (17.000 astral gems) in Shadow Lords yesterday. It gave me a Killer Ram card and some some other cards and astral energy. After I got my items from the killer pack the screen turned black and only the surrounding background (of when the game shows You the cards You got from teh pack You bought) was displayed. The game did not respond to anything anymore. I had to close the game and restart it again. Thankfully the game registered all the items I got from the killer pack. I play the game on Xbox One.

So are we officially done on guardians then?

loving this derailing just saying

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No, the owl isn’t not out yet

can u guys go make another thread about this ??