Shadow Lords Gameplay Questions

Hey all,

I just started playing Shadow Lords, and I’m enjoying it. I’m on Turn 5 now, so not too far in, and I have some general questions:

  1. You start with Jago and Kim Wu, of course, and at one point I got to choose between adding in Fulgore or Riptor. Overall though, is there a way to replace characters in my Roster without starting over?

  2. Skeleton Key chests. Am I correct that if I don’t have a Skeleton Key when the chest drops, I loose that chest (no getting a key and opening it later)?

  3. For the Guardians, is there a list that describes each one, or are they generally introduced as the game goes on? I have the Ram of course, and I have enough Astral Gems (I think that’s the currency) to buy another, but not sure if I should at this point. I do want the Monitor from Halo because Monitor from Halo.

  4. In the Emporium, do you think Kan Ra foil wraps and decorates every pack himself, or did he have those premade? Do you think he studied collectable card games to get a sense of the packaging modern society uses?

  5. I have yet to face of against a Shadow, but I know they can be novice to pro ranked. I assume it randomly chooses a Shadow, and the Shadow is not selected based on your overall skill level?

I think that’s it for now.


I’ve really been enjoying “Shadow Lords,” and have mostly answered my own questions. In case anyone else is looking for answers:

  1. Throughout the game, there’s times you’ll be able to fight the real fighters in the game, and sometimes you’ll be able to recruit them after defeating them. If you have a full party of three fighters, you’ll need to select a non-Captain character to replace, which will take effect the next Turn.

  2. You do loose the Chest if you don’t have a Skeleton Key in your Inventory.

  3. I found general lists/talk elsewhere on the web, and generally, I’m going to be saving my Astral Gems for Crimson or Killer versions of the Guardians, buying the ones I can.

  4. Kan-Ra clearly has far too much time on his hands.

  5. I’m not sure how selection is determined, but thus far, they have not been overpowering. I’ve faced about half a dozen so far, usually Riptor for some reason.

Sorry, I didn’t see this thread until last night or so. I didn’t play much of Shadow Lords, so the only ones I knew the answer to were the skeleton key thing and the new members things (some randomly pop up, others have specific quest lines associated with them that will eventually also pop up randomly). SonicDolphin played a ton of SL, but dunno if he played further into the patches and additions they made as it went on.

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I’ve found that if you’re good enough, you can do a couple of playthroughs on easy or medium with bare minimum purchases to gather the resources and you’ll have plenty of Astral gems in following runs. I starting by doing a couple of 40-50 day runs on easy/medium, only using Guardians towards Day 20 and really focusing on bet matches where a character will challenge you to a fight and you have to bet some amount. By the end of it, I had a lot more currency than I could spend and a whole lot of items. The reward boxes and fight rewards themselves have had their frequency tweaked and improved through feedback, so the initial grind may be a little annoying but by the end you’ll have enough to go through the hardest mode pretty breezily.

I should also add that there are some strats that make the matches very very easy (like Hisako command grab loop or no chance combo with Snake/Bat for quick finishes/life gain) which have been discussed in previous threads on this forum. It’ll take a little of your reading time but do go through them.

As far as I know, selection of opponents is usually random, except for some story missions that you may not have done at least once (Hot Lead for example which was a preview for Kilgore).

Crimson and Gold Guardians are usually your best friends, but you can make do with lower level Guardians for the easier difficulties.

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@STORM179 No worries man. On a related topic though, do you have a Sadira Shadow? Last night in Shadow Lords I fought one, and the account name shown was “Storm179.”

@DoobyDude23 Thanks for the feedback man! I am playing on Normal right now and I’m an XCOM: Enemy Unknown veteran and I find a lot of my mindset from that game is really helping here.

I’ve been focusing on keeping corruption down and my Party relatively healed. I spent Astral Gems on one item card back when I needed Health ASAP, and I bought a Common Fractured Ward Guardian and then a Rare (blue) Snake Guardian. After that I started to understand Guardians and their tiers, and so I started saving and I’m going to go strictly with Crimson for the stats. I bought the Crimson Tiger Guardian last night.

In terms of Astral Energy, I only use it to feed an empty Guardian right before I plan to use it.

I am making various consumables, and I am using them, but I’m not going nuts here and I’m saving my Killer quality ones.

I’m currently close to Turn 30, and I’ve kept the Corruption under 50% in all five regions so far!

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Yep, that’s mine. Sadira was my original main, so hers was the first shadow I built up.

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Very cool, it was a fun match.

I’ve also been watching and enjoying a lot of tournament Top 8’s on YouTube. I didn’t realize you were the very same Storm. Your Hisako is great to watch!

Haha. Thank you very much sir - glad you’ve enjoyed my matches!

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I completed “Shadow Lords” late last week; that was a lot of fun.

I played on Normal Difficulty, was able to remove all four of Gargos’ powers, and defeated him on my first try with only a single character.

I played through 39 turns, and defeated 101 enemies. I noticed after about 25 to 30 turns, generally, missions and choices post-mission started repeating a lot, so I figure that’s generally how long they expect folk to play for.

I also surpassed the high score of everyone on my Friend’s List.

I’d like to try a Hard playthrough in the not too distant future, as I do want to unlock the Astral Planes stage.

Astral Plane is one of my favorite stages :+1:t5:

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Hopefully I’ll get it next time!

I’ve started unlocking all the endings in Season 1 now, trying to get the mural revealed.

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