Shadow Lords E3 Preview and IG General RAAM Deveoper Walkthrough Today 6/16/16

Hey guys.

Tune into at 2:30pm CST to see @Delriach showing off some Shadow Lords stuff for the first time.

Tune into at 4:00 CST to see our IG Tender Moments signature developer walk through of General RAAM, including tips, tricks, and live online matches!

Spread the word. Fight on.


Awesome, can’t wait to check it out.


Must work faster!

Need to make it home in time!

What is that in GMT? I get confused with everyone using different time zones for the announcements.

7:30PM GMT for the Xbox stream, 9:00PM GMT for the IG stream

I think it’s actually an hour plus on top of that (20:30 and 22:00. Just as the KI twitter feed hasn’t blown up with rts of the link yet.

I just checked with an online time converter. Gmt is 5 hours a head of cst. That means 230pm for Iron Galaxy is 730pm for you.