Shadow Lords / DLC Sync Error (SOLVED, Had to update Win7 to Win10)

  • ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLVED. Summary of solution: Upgraded Windows 7 to 10. -

Hi, there has been some recent errors in the Steam version of KI for some players including myself. There’s a recent thread or two in the Steam KI discussions but it hasn’t gotten any official attention so I’m hoping there’s better luck here.

On starting up KI, there will be this message prompt:

"Unable to Resync DLC Content

Some content may be temporarily unavailable. Would you like to try again, or continue this session without that content?

  • A - Retry - B - Continue"

Pressing Retry loops back to the same message.

On going into main menu and selecting Shadow Lords brings up this message:

"Connection Error

Lost connection to Ultratech Servers, returning to the Main Menu. Please check your network settings and try again.

  • A - OK"

Pressing OK goes back to menu. Reselecting Shadow Lords brings the above message up again.

Trying to select Shadow Survival (either through main menu, or via Shadow Labs), brings up this message:


Failed to retrieve Shadow data ffrom Ultratech servers. Would you like to retry?

  • A - Yes - B - No"

Pressing Yes goes back to the same message.

I’ve tried the following but does not solve the problem:

  • Verifying File Integrity on Steam
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling
  • Added steam KI folder as a whole as exception in my Anti-Virus (using Avast Free)
  • Disabled my Anti-Virus while trying to play KI
  • Try playing on a home wired connection, then tried a home wireless and another public wireless.

These are game functions that still works fine and have had no issues for me:

  • All other Single-Player modes that does not involve Shadows
  • Ranked Multiplayer (got into match and completed match)

Other notes:

  • Another player tested and was able to play Shadow Lords, but unablee to download Shadow Data to play Shadow Survival
  • Known as of now this issue has been ongoing for 5-6 players on Steam. Personally it has happened to me since 29th July 2020. Have not had any issues whatsoever with the game before then.
  • OS: Windows 7

Some help kindly appreciated! If more information is required let me know as well! If there is anywhere else I should be putting forth the issue kindly point me in the right direction as well. Thanks in advance.

Tagging @KRAKENJIMMY to see if he can assist.

Thank you for tagging Juxtapose13. It’s been a little while. Wondering if anyone can render any assistance? The issues still persist.

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As of today, the game modes mentioned above still cannot be accessed. Have exhausted all the options that I know. Bumping this up one last time hoping there’s some solution I can work through, or information on a contact I can approach to get this moving along or give up.

After reading a few more new replies on the steam discussion forums, I decided to take the step to upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 10 to see whether it would solve the issue. It did.

Something must’ve happened on the server side for connections to suddenly not work for someone with KI installed on a Win7 machine - I hope devs or anyone working on this can ascertain or confirm this on their end and possibly perform some checks or possible fixes, so everyone doesn’t have to do an update just to get it to work? Not everyone would want to for varying reasons… I just love the game enough for me to give this possible solution a go.


Support for Windows 7 ended on Jan. 14, 2020.

Since it’s no longer a supported OS, it’s possible compatibility with it will degrade over time.

Having said that, I’m glad you got it working and updated to Windows 10. It’s a solid OS itself.