Shadow Lords Co-op?

This is just a personal suggestion and I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this or how difficult it might be to implement.

So because you get 3 characters in Shadow Lords me and my friends love playing it together as a team, trouble is it can be a little faffy because I use a fight stick and they use controllers (yes this is probably a problem very specific to me). Just thought it would amazingly cool if you could assign the characters to a player slot or if you could co-op with a friend online.

Obviously it would be really cool if there was a way to split item rewards/overall shadow lord score between profiles but it would still be really great if you just had one profile host and use their items etc.

Again this is probably just a personal suggestion but would any one else want this?


I love this idea. I have also noticed that there are some times where there are more than 4 missions in a turn and you can only use your 3 characters once per turn. With this being said that means you can’t possibly play a 100 percent playthrough. Unless you are allowed to Co op with another person either online or local (preferably local) in control of there own shadow Lords team would be able to knock out those turns with more than 4 missions.

I think this was intentional so that eventually the gargos fight would be inevitable.

The gargos fight was going to be inevitable no matter how you slice it. What I don’t like is that on those turns that have more missions then team members to fight leaves only a small number of missions left behind that I can’t do. As best I can tell, the solution is:
A) Allow a larger team
B) Allow multiple uses of team members per turn like allow to use your captain twice a turn
C) Turns can have no more than 3 missions ever

@MarcusMark I’ve been asking for this since shadow lords has launched. I was shocked you have to play versus instead of co-op on multiplayer of this mode. I mean, storywise the characters of any alignement has to join their forces to stop the destruction of the planet. So whats the point of playing against each other? Co-op would result on one of the most funny multiplayers in fighting game history. Even better than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Would be mindblown if they add tag team co-op mode through shadow lords multiplayer. Hours of KI gameplay with my friends. Not against them. :+1:


In that case, there would be exploits to never get to Gargos. In this version alone I’ve seen a leaderboard stat of over 300 days. You aren’t supposed to complete ALL the missions, it emphasizes strategy and planning. Kinda like the Kobayashi Maru, except this is actually winnable (without cheating).

On the topic of co-op, I’m fine with the implementation of a 2nd player, so long as nothing else changes about SL because of it. Just the option to assign a 2nd player to one of your team, 3rd if that’s even possible.

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You know I thought much the same when they announced multiplayer because when they first showed off Boss Gargos (at E3 if I remember rightly) they actually took turns and fought him together.

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I think Shadow Lords Co-Op would be absolutely fantastic! My wife & I take turns in order to play through the campaign together, but actual co-op support would really make things so much more enjoyable. I hope this is either already in the works or at the least IG will consider implementing it in the future. There is just so much that can be done with Shadow Lords, it’s really incredible.

@franciscapra aka SE1Z3