Shadow Lords Co-Op

I dont believe this has been confirmed/denied by the devs, but since you have a team of 2-3 characters in SL, could a co-op mode be possible?

Probably not, cause each fight is still one v one. not sure how you could work coop into that.

Do you not choose which fighter goes into which match? Your co-op partner could have complete control of one of the team members

You could Hot-Seat co-op, but online, no.


I can say for certain that it is a single-player mode.

Id rather they would’ve taken the time to make this mode available as an online MP mode as well. Instead of what we are getting…

Couch coop is still a thing.

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I want couch co op but not handing the controller from one person to the next. I want my character to be last and let my friends be first and they have their controller. Is this possible?

Probably not. Why do you need different controllers to be active though?

But what’s the point when they could just hand over the controller when your character shows up?

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Convenience I guess. It would be nice if you don’t have to hand it over each time. Plus what if I use pad and my friend uses stick? Not saying it is needed but it would be nice.

Does this mean that “kids these days” are lazy?

In my best old man voice:

“Back in my day we had wires on our controllers…AND WE ONLY HAD 2 CONTROLLER PORTS!”

“Multiplayer meant you played with ONLY “couch co-op”…none of that ‘newfangled’ online!”

“I had to trek 3 MILES in the snow to ‘Toys R’ Us to get my games…grumble…grumble…grumble…”

:grinning: lol!

Plz. Back in my day,you had to get quarters and go to an arcade and play the game with the risk of death if you piss off the other guy. :smiley: XD


Where is it located, because I can’t find it at all.

Not in the game yet.

Oh ok, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

well since you choose a team of 3… you could make each character for each player you wanna join you in co-op

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Or at least risking going home with some teeths broken. LoL

Darn I was hoping for a online Co-op where each player could take on a mission at the same time. Similar to Clan Wars in MKX

Hmm, couldn’t this work Tekken Tag style? I’d still love to be able to do that kind of co-op online, a health bar each, the taunt button tags between characters and shadow move motion of the character you’re using, plus tag button does a special tag team up technique that can be used to start a combo.

Heck, if this is still unfair in some way to the cpu, give everyone Aria sized life bars and only enable a team of players to choose which character they want to heal after a match or two, if both choose their own character, dice roll rng it!