Shadow Lords Bug, Fulgore isnt unlocked at 25%

Hello there, guys
I’m here to complain about a bug in Shadow lords which I Reach 25% percent for Fulgore but it didn’t unlock in the Practice area.
Platform : Xbox 1
Gamertag : XCoronus

It’s not Fulgore that you unlock, it’s a color for Fulgore. Soz.

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@MDMMORNING is correct. It is just a color. Some of the unlocks don’t unlock until you get one dossier after the unlock.

Soooo How am I suppose to unlock a character in Killer instinct because I don’t wanna spend a single penny to win

I think the only character you can unlock is Orchid. As far as spending money, the free character rotates each week. You are not paying to win. You are just buying characters that you want to play. If all you want to play is Jago, then you are set. If you want another character, then you need to either buy it or wait until it is free for a week.

In order to win on the cheap, you get good w Jago and/or Orchid.

Orchid unlocks at 50% SL completion.

You can also do the daily missions and such to get KI Gold, and eventually buy them! :smiley:

Sure that would take a LOTS Grinding in that, so no I would stick to the Free hero rotation

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The S2 Ultra edition was free with gold a while ago, so there was that. There are sales every once in a while too. $1 characters

Yeaaaaaah… but I actually didn’t download all the characters because I was new to the game, and now im feeling so desperate for a chance to unlock a character in order to have a diverse gameplay through characters, so no I didn’t get that

Always download the free games. Heck, you don’t even need to let the games install. Just do it so you get the license saying you have it. This way you own these games just incase you change your mindcraft and want to try them or even end up liking them.

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