Shadow Lab Unplayable

Is there any reason why certain people and their shadows crash the Steam version of the game? Now I can’t even check on my Shadow Lab because someone’s Shadow crashes my game when it tries to sync with the servers. Is this ever going to get fixed?


They are working on it. I would post in the Bug thread to be sure it gets seen quickly.
Also tagging @snickerdoodle and @TotalJimkata helps them get more perspective on who and when it effects players.
Just hang in there.

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There have been different issues reported & fixed that are similar. This is on STEAM only? Can you please detail out the steps that lead to the crash, and what happens in the crash (i.e. game closes, get a windows pop up error saying __).

I get the Windows has encountered an error crash. And the game whites out and then closes. And for some reason this happens when certain shadows come up. And so far this is a Steam thing. I don’t have it for Xbone or Win10 so I can confirm if the issue is there either.

If I go into Shadow Lab and go to check my bounties, while the game is synching to the servers, it crashes and shuts the game off. This also happens when I search for shadows by price and certain price ranges have Shadows that would cause the game to just crash.

Ones I personally have are:

Page 2 of 250PT Jago
50pt Shin Hisako
100pt Tusk

This is just a few of it. I’m sorry if this is bugging y’all. Pun intended. I still support the game.

Thanks for the info. I will DM you to follow through on this.