Shadow lab problem

I just noticed that I went to shadow lab and challenge shadow, sort by friends, and a handful of friends were missing. Like Maximilian dood, tortuga style, galactic geek, predalineperson, and a couple others. I thought it was because they weren’t online. But sonic dolphins want online and I was still able to fight his shadow. I went looking for those particular friends because I know their shadows are worth alt v of shadows points.

It seems the “friends page” only holds 10 friends at one time. Kind of stupid if you ask me. But yeah, if you add friends to your list, those near the number 10 spot on your KI friends page will be knocked off.

Holy Bob Barker’s balls that’s dumb

sinds the update 3.5 if i go to shadow lab and challenge a shadow, sort by friends, NONE appears. Not one of my friends shadow.

None of them? @developers can we have additional pages for challenging friends shadows?