Shadow Lab Mission Issue

OK I’m really into the Shadow Lords mode. I’ve been playing it for the past several months already. And I seem to have a minor problem that bugs me, anyway. I cannot unlock the Shadow Lab dossiers. I know for a fact that there is nothing special I’m supposed to do to trigger those missions. When I first gave Killer Instinct a try on my older profile it just popped up the moment I first entered the mode. Now I have new profile. I have unlocked 101% of the total mode content and I haven’t had a single shadow mission. What do I do? Is there a bug on my side or is there something the game devs can do for me to be able to fight shadows in the Shadow Lords mode? Thanks.

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Shadow missions are just supposed to show up at random, but they can be slow to show up initially. I think the longest it took for me to find one was by the 8th turn. But they should be showing up regardless.

OK thanks for the reply but I just want to stress it one more time: I have unlocked 102% of the mode content. I have played a gazzilion times of games and I have beaten Gargos multiple times on both normal and challenging. There just HAS to be something wrong with the game. Is there a support manager I can contact? Or are we just on our own here?

That sounds like a problem with your game. @rukizzel can you or someone from staff help this gentleman out please?

There are a few bugs still inside SL. Somethings just will not unlock for some of us. I have already pointed this out 2 times to the Devs and have had no response.

Can I ask you something? Are there any specific contacts you can give me? Like whom do I specifically write to solve this issue?


I think that’s a good place to start.

I would make sure to post this in the bug thread, so that it is sure to be seen by the dev team.

I’m going to tag @TotalJimkata just in case; I know he has dealt with some specific Shadow Lab issues, but I’m not sure whether a lack of shadow missions in Shadow Lords could be related to the issues he’s worked on.

Thanks for pinging me! Shadow Missions should spawn ‘if’ you have completed all of the Relic Hunt quests Kan-Ra gives you when first starting the game. Even if you do not finish them initially, you should see them randomly until you complete them (think there are 6 total sub quests in that chain).

Considering your completion total, I would imagine you have done that.

I have to go look up some details behind the scenes to see if there is anyway to confirm all 6 are done (a dossier connected) or if there is some other thing that might be impacting you ( sometime there are privacy settings around user content that blocks shadows from downloading in shadow lab for example). I cannot get to this today (leaving) but ping me on DM here so we can talk directly and I will try to help get you past this.

I don’t mean to pile on, but if you have time could you look into why I can’t unlock the hatchery III dossier? I have completed the full quest to the point That I lost count. I posted this in the bug thread months ago, and also made threads asking about it.

If you could help me also that would be great.

looked into it and wrote you a direct message. let’s work through it there.

I had the same issue I wrote about quite a while back. Is it generally fixed or do I need to submit something?

It has been fixed. I was able to get the dossier that I was unable to get for months.

Thanks. I re-did that questline for the millionth time only because I had a ton of the transceivers left and it finally showed up. Never doing that one again.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get one of the Lion guardian ones and haven’t gotten a single Mimic Eagle to drop one of his, and he barely even shows up, so I have given up. Not seeing much point in going through the effort to do those anymore. Too frustrating. I’ve moved on.

edit: Just saw that using the Tiki makes the glitched Lion one drop for some reason. So now I only have the Eagle dossiers left. I have everything else, but I’m content leaving it there at 104% unless they somehow fix Eagle’s appearance/drop rate, which seems unlikely.