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So recently I have not had access to a wired connection for online play so I have been messing around in Shadow Labs and have been having a pretty good time so far.

I was wondering if anyone else here makes use of Shadow Lab on a fairly consistent basis? I am asking because I was browsing through the ranked boards based on individual character points and noticed that while there is plenty of Shadows that are worth up to 250 points I saw very few in the 500 range and literally no characters in the 1000 point range.

Now I do not know what it takes to get a shadow up to that range but i find it odd that after Shadow Labs has been up for awhile now and there is no 1000 points Shadow yet?

So anyways, do any of you use Shadow Lab? If so, how often and with what characters? Do you like it?

I loved SL and played it daily until S3 dropped and 4 other guys and myself have a bug to were our Labs will not connect or save data. So we cant play it anymore.

They are trying to fix it but nothing has worked so far.

But when it did work It was my favorite and its the best learning tool in the game. A lot of new players get bodied and frustrated on line against humans. No worries int eh Slab but close to the same difficulty.


Yeah I have been using it recently as a tool to learn matchups and to punish things I wasn’t familiar with.

Too bad about the bug. I started a new Shadow with Eyedol and I haven’t had any problems so far.

Yeah unfortunately its me and 4 other guys that have over 1500 recordings and 500 matches (W/L).

I had to delete my shadows in hope that would help when the hot fix dropped with Eyedol and it still didnt work. So now Im totally erased fro the lab until I can get back in one day.

It works on my alternate profile but I dont want to play on that profile.

I think the 500 and 1000 shadow point guys are few becasue its based off your total matches and win %. If someone goes 100-2. they are probably going to be 1000 point shadows. But they have never explained the details of how and why so who knows…but thats my guess.

Wow I hope thats not the case. Otherwise I feel like it would be almost impossible to get a 1000 point shadow simply due to having no control over when your shadow will fight someone whether they are prepared or not.

@TheMunin I use it frequently. I at least check on it every time I log on to play KI. Still trying to get that Shadow Ruffian achievement (I’m at 74. Almost there!)

I’ll add you and we can do some Shadow boxing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I dont mean to the T… just an exaggerated example. You would at least have to have over 100 wins with less losses. Most shadows with that many wins have twice as many losses. the only shadows with a winning percentage is usually a new shadow with only a handful of fights

Shadows is fundamentally a super solid idea and when it works it’s awesome. But it’s rough around the edges and I don’t play it often.

  1. Too much loading. Seriously, every time you fight someone it’s back to the lab to download a bunch of info again etc. argh.

  2. You can’t fight against shadows with any character other than one if your own Shadows.

  3. Instead of making me pick individuals or do random survival let me say “I want to play against Hisako.” Then set me up against a series of escalating point value Hisako shadows. How good would that be?


I played the crap out of shadow labs before I got locked out when season 3 dropped. I had a 250 TJ that I was very proud of too. One day soon I hope I can play it again under my profile, but until then the 5 of us are banished to the shadow realm.

Hey Seraph who else is locked out besides you, me & stan the man? I kinda want to make a plaque with our names on it. :innocent:

Add the people on this list, and I’ll update it with your name.

Not sure how many people are still active since I’ve been essentially locked out of the mode since the start of S3, but I’m pretty confident that you’ll get some action.

Also, and I’ll update the list with this too, add “voicingflower”. That is the alternative account I’ve just started using. I’ll be happy to challenge your shadow when I get the time.

I talked to the main guy who does Shadows for the team at EVO (sorry, his name escapes me). He said the challenge with getting a high point shadow is essentially that as a shadow becomes “popular” enough to get that high, everyone and their mother challenges it, and subsequently beats it back down. Basically, becoming too highly ranked makes it such a target that it almost inevitably will get beaten back down to a less prominent position. I believe he said they were trying to think of ways to avoid having all shadows fall into that trap.

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Well that makes sense… thanks for sharing.

I really hope they connect shadow points to the currency in shadow lords mode, make them useful for something.

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Didn’t they say there were doing exactly that? You could either spend real money to buy boosts or spend shadow points?

there is a new in-game currency you earn by playing shadow lords, not sure what it’s called; I simply wished it was related to shadow points which are already in the game, but sounds like its not.
so many in-game currencies :confused:

I hope the same thing, but they haven’t said anything.[quote=“TheMunin, post:14, topic:12989, full:true”]
Didn’t they say there were doing exactly that? You could either spend real money to buy boosts or spend shadow points?

As of now, nothing has been said that connects Shadow Lords and the Shadow Lab. While I’m excited for the SL mode, it is sort of a bitter pill to swallow to know that they haven’t connected the 2 things, and that Shadows will be staying segregated in the Lab.

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You earn “Shadow Points” in the Shadow Lab, you can only spend them in the lab though.

It’s not even that I think shadow lords is unfair,(the new currency looks easy enough to acquire); I just wish there was more reasons for people to use the shadow lab. I first suspected that the team of 3 characters in shadow lords would be you and your 2 shadows, but it’s actually just you playing as all 3, (which I honestly prefer, but the former would be a cool option), So naturally I’m a bit underwhelmed.

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I actually think most people who are knowledgeable about the Shadow Lab mode are bummed about ‘Shadows’ not being the Shadow Lords mode. It is an obvious omission. Shadows should be the foundation on ALL the AI controlled opponents in KI, and it just seems obvious that they would expand on it, rather than just keep the status quo and let them sit.

IMO they should make uploading Shadow Brain data a seamless process that happens in the background rather than an “opt in” thing that only some people do. If you make a shadow, and play with that character in whatever mode, your “avatar” should be kept up to date.

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I always got the feeling that some players don’t want to make a shadow because then their competition could fight their shadows & learn their habits. The option to not make one is ok with me, because choice is always a good thing.