Shadow lab cheat?

Went up against a shadow called starchyisland. Has 115 wins and 1 loss and I immediately disconnect as soon as the match starts. I think I know why his winrate is so high, and it seems to be some kind of drophack, but it’s being utilized through a shadow rather than the actual person…anyone else experienced something similar?

I was curious, and had shadow points to spare, so I tried fighting his Sabrewulf shadow. The game locked up on the Vs “fight on” screen for me. I’d post a DVR video but “Something went wrong, please try again later”.

Can confirm, his wulf crashed my game too.

I’ve encountered a shadow in the past that did this, it was a fulgore. Eventually after much complaining IG deleted him.

I cant begin to describe the hate I have for these
lame wanna be corn-ball’s.

This is one of the reasons Devs’ want everybody to
be online when playing. (Being online is also why).

I have a game called openarena [FPS]. Been playing
it for like 20+ years, now its hacked to death, by cheating
trolls that live on the servers. (Literally)

Guys, report this to the devs! @developers @moderators always, and hope
the dev’s take swift action, in deleting the accounts.

Exposed: A shadow called starchyisland is cheating the game.