Shadow Lab being weird

So I just jumped into Shadow Lab for a while, collected my bounties and tested one of my shadows. I attempted to up my counter breaker ratio rather unsuccessfully, but when I went to save my shadow at the end of the match, I notice that both my counter breaker percentage had gone up (yet I hadn’t actually performed one successfully) and my shadow counter ratio went up. (again, I didn’t land a shadow counter within the match)

I’ve not had this happen before so I just wondered if this was a common issue, or if there are any other weird experiences others have had with this mode that they wanted to share?

It caught me off guard because normally the percentages are pretty accurate to what actually happened in the fight but in this particular instance they were waaay off.

@moderators Could I politely ask if this could be merged with one of the current Shadow Lab topics? I was looking for the original thread in the wrong sub forum, if anyone can do that it would be wonderful.

My main problem is that my shadow gave up to fight, it doesn’t even move O.o I don’t know what’s going on. It only blocks some stuff and jump coomand grab attemps.

Yeah, mine does weird stuff like shuffle backwards and react really strangely to what the opp is doing, it honestly feels like some matches the previously recorded AI likes to take the day off and decides to go on vacation for a match. :joy: