Shadow Lab and Quick Stand issue?

Hello Killer fans.

I have a little question about the Quick Stand stat in Shadow Lab.
I know it’s pushing a button right when you hit the ground on soft knockdown and I did it a few times… But my Shadow Maya keep having it at 0%.

Is there something I missed ?

No, I had reported that same concern. Seems like it doesn’t actually record that metric, not sure why.

My Omen Shadow has a really high quick stand percentage, yet I never even intentionally quick stand lol

My Hisako Shadow just stays at 0%.

Ive never understood how it works. No where int eh game does it even teach you how to quick stand either. I had to ask Infil how it even works.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Quick Stand has something to do with wake ups too, not just quick stands.

@FallofSeraphs76 Did the Shadows mode start working for you?

I want so bad to know what is going on with quick stand too.
I have a Mira shadow and don’t matter how many quick stand I do every game. The metric is ALWAYS 0%.


Does your character still quick stand despite the 0 percentage? I hope they fix this as well. I found this issue a couple months ago, but I think they have other plans with Shadow Lab, possibly incorporating it into Shadow Lords?

I think it has something to do with wake up attacks too. I can’t test since Shadow Lab is offline for me, but that is what I was thinking last time I was really trying to train up my Shadow.

an official answer would be great here.

Never really noticed - that makes sense tho. Wonder why…

I tried training more my Mira and still 0% quick stand.

I have the exact issue… sorry, I have no idea. I even posted in the bug section and it was never addressed.

If that metric isn’t measured why was it made in the first place, and would that metric be removed from the shadow data with any upcoming patches?

All valid questions. I have no idea… Who can we ask about this?

I have 0% in this stat too.

I had never played Shadow Lab mode until a couple of weeks ago. Now I, too, am mystified by this. I appear to be doing quick stands during matches, but the percentage remains at zero. No one has an explanation. Can someone from IG please let us know if this is by design or not?

I think someone had explained to me that a quick rise be executed but it’s a stat the shadow brain won’t record.

Right. The quick rise isn’t recorded, or if it is recorded, it’s not reflected correctly in the UI. That’s the behavior in question. Is it a bug? If so, will it be fixed and/or will the UI be updated? If it’s functioning as intended, then what is it about the quick stand statistic that we are not getting? Exactly how do you raise it?

I think it’s presence in the stats is a bug if I recall correctly, and I haven’t heard anything about it being fixed. I work they would because it’s passing me off.