Shadow Lab and Maya

Hi Killer and Maya fans !

I main Maya since KI2, so I decided to make her my first Shadow.

I play her quite well, with good pressure and movement, always trying to use daggers in a clever way, trying to get them back asap (generally getting them back as they bounce, or rolling to pick them on the ground), using pips, etc.I have good combo, combo break about half of the time, and I think good defense too.

I started training my Shadow mainly vs Killer / Kyle difficulty and record about 75% of the time, wether I win or loose, and skip recording only when 80% of main stats goes down (attack or defense mainly).
I have good stats (minus Quick Stand staying at 0%…)


My Maya Shadow is such a lame !
When she has daggers, she’s doing average (although she combo break only a very few time…), sometimes with good pressure, but she tend to throw daggers aimlessly at the very beginning of a fight, and she never get them back, even if the dagger is just beneath her feet while opponent is at the other side of the screen. Usually, she only get them if by a miracle shes doing a combo and a dagger is nearby (or when she decided to pop instinct, which is quite rare)

And when she has no dagger, she acts like a training dummy, mainly jumping and trying to jump kick on opponent (where I usullay try to bait and drop a crouched medium kick to combo), or simply stepping back and blocking.

She won 3 fights (and lost 22), and I wonder how the hell someone could have loose to her.

Is there someting I’m missing ? I try to learn her how to act without daggers by doing some vs matches without daggers, but still the same.

And secondary question : how are the “stats” affecting the Shadow ? If there is a 80% block, does it mean she tends to blocks 80% of the time ?

I’ll have to look her up & beat her

up too

Lol j/k

From what I understand you have to fight that particular shadow character for your Maya to know how to react

I.e. Unless you’ve recorded a Maya vs Aganos, she won’t do anything much more than cowl in the corner if any Aganos shadows fight you while you’re offline.

I did that too.
I have 29 fights recorded vs Riptor, yet I watched a recent fight and it was the same.

I have maxed fights recorded against Jago (so if I’m not one, the new recorded erase the firsts one), and I tested my shadow by playing Jago and… was the same. Fight start well, then Maya throwed her daggers and then did all wrong. I even stop moving, she was on top of her dagger and… Well she jumped back, then forward, then back… But the dagger was still on the floor.