Shadow Lab and instinct usage

So, I’ve been bouting it out at the shadow lab and I noticed that during survival matches when I don’t get full instinct meter, and thus can’t use it, SL counts it as a negative % when saving shadow data.

Is this intentional or an oversight?

Well technically you never used it so it counts as a negative. I think overall the SL was meant for near equal fights and improve on things slowly.

Whereas if you’re just breezing through things then your shadow won’t grow properly. Example being things like combo breakers or shadow counters etc etc.

But losing isn’t so great either. I think it requires that middle ground.

Your instinct meter fills up as you take damage and becomes full right before you lose your 1st health bar, and again right before you lose your 2nd, which means you can use it up to 2x in a single fight. IMO, if you’re not taking enough damage to your health in the SL to warrant its use, then you’re probably not challenging yourself enough.

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To be honest, it has been a while since I last played shadow lab and I have improved since then. The first 7 were a breeze. So it could be it didn’t get challenging enough until later.

Well jago and possibly gargos (spinal too before the curse stuff happened) could potentially get 3 instincts a match if they played their cards right.