Shadow Jago's voice

I noticed after you win a match with Shadow Jago he says " I’m afraid your path ends here" he has that dark sinister voice when he says it and does not sound like regular Jago. But during battle with him he sounds like regular Jago when he calls out the moves he’s doing. Any chance of having it so that he can call it out with the dark voice he has when he says “I’m afraid tour path ends here” instead of sounding like regular Jago?.

It’s the same voice. He’s much more guttural during the fight, but he doesn’t use the same voice that Jago does

Come Friday, I don’t think we’ll be hearing that version of “I’m afraid your path ends here!” anymore. They changed his outro to the boss version where he blasts the camera with a fireball, so he’s not doing the Jago line anymore. Of course, they may find a way or place to reinsert it if people think he’s missing it bad enough.

Oh okay that’s awesome I forgot to add that in I also feld he could say something different in the end instead of using jago’sline also. Maybe something like darkness is my ally or something cool.

Voice is different… it was filthie rich who did shadow jago voice back when DH was creating the game. Obviously it all doesn’t matter now as shadow jagos intro and outer are the boss version so no speach

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Filthie rich did Shago’s voice? Cool, I never knew that.

No, it was Mike Willette, the same guy that did the original Jago’s voice and the new announcer


I hope I one day get a chance to voice an evil-ish character like this. I’d love to display the extent of my “making scary noise emit from my face” skills.

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I already knew that, but @Kyomikku said shadow jago was voice by filthie rich.

He is wrong it is mike willett ms even said it was him and it was in the season 1 credits.

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