Shadow Jago's 2nd skin goes weird

Like i said in the titel… when selecting shago skin 2 it goes in all different colours on stage, like its glitching out, just so you huys know this and hopefully gets fixed :slight_smile:

That should go to the Game Suggestions and Feedback section.

Pictures and a full description of what you are talking about help out a lot for the devs to solve matters like these. If you could post some, they could probably fix it a lot easier.

On Thunder’s stage, during the rain portion, Shadow Jago’s color 11 actually goes completely dark at times, making him a little like Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat. He’s just pitch black against the raining background sometimes, especially if you activate instinct.


yeah i noticed that aswell, anyway i probably cant post pics here srry for that, maybe somebody else can post pics of it?

All bugs should be reported in the Official Bug Reporting Thread

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