Shadow Jago woes

While his MU is still relatively new, I’m finding playing against the average Shadow Jago a bit annoying.

Of all the cast, I find that he has some of the highest mixup potential other than our dear Sadira. And like Sadira, he’s unsafe on quite a bit of his stuff.

The one thing that has annoyed me most is people using his fire ball shenanigans and slide to avoid fighting. Many of the average and even great Shadow Jago players I’ve encountered will get a smidgen of life lead and then spend the rest of the match running from side to side and avoid fighting.

I’ve always found this irritating. It’s one thing to avoid danger, but to refuse to fight, is a cheap way of winning.

Any other interesting Shadow Jago experiences?


Even if it’s annoying enough that it needs to be patched, there is ALWAYS a way to beat it. Even if you have to rely on human error. Use dashes and moves with high mobility to catch them, or if that is impossible, then use spacing. For example, if they are in a corner spamming fireballs, get ONLY close enough to them that they start to get worried, then predict their dashes or teleportation, and catch them. If they stay in the corner, then wait untill they do something with high recovery, then go in. Even if you can’t punish them fully, you will still have a chance to hit them with a 50-50 guess, by mixing up physical hits with throws, neutral jumps, or even by back dashing to catch their escape!

Just play patiently and react to fireballs by jumping over them with 1 neutral jump, or by ducking under them. Just play it cool and walk him to the corner. Slide is negative on block so if you block it, just hit cr. Lp and it will beat out anything shago tries to do. You can even punish slide with LBD, and since you get counter hit frames you can manual another LBD after that, or medium recluse if you feel fancy. His shinanigans take practice to block, but they’re perfectly tractable, just remember to punish blocked divekicks with HK or MK. On knock down you can throw a LWB on top of him and if he uses DP it will beat it. If you stay calm in this MU and remember to back dash out of a lot of his frame traps, punish what is negative/unsafe, and walk him to the corner you should be fine.

I’ve found it to be a very annoying fight, but he can’t really “zone” Sadira. Cr+lk goes under his fireballs, and you can basically just walk him to the corner until he feels pressured into doing something unsafe I’ve found.

I certainly don’t like the MU, but it’s mostly just because I dislike characters that have an aura of “do whatever the hell I feel like”, which is how all his surge divekicks and teleport->dp/throw shenanigans feel to me. He gets punished super hard when he misses something, but he’s just all over the place all the time.

Just like when fighting Omen?

Eh…not really. Omen is more of a straight up mix-up character to me. He only gets yolo when he’s going into shadow form shenanigans, and those cost a full shadow stock so it’s not like he can just toss those out all willy nilly. And in any case, he never truly disappears - Shago spends a goodly chunk of neutral time without a hitbox if you play him spastic enough.

Omen is usually coming in behind fireballs or throwing something out into a shadow form mixup. Most of his stuff just feels a lot more telegraphed to me. :confused:

Wish I could help with this, but I haven’t played in months.