Shadow Jago Ultimate glitch on Practice Mode

Hi everyone! this is just a comment or a bug that I found on KI today, I googled and didn’t find something like I have seen.

So I purchase Shadow Jago, and today play in Practice mode to make an Ultimate combo and what’s my surprise, when I did the Ultimate combo my controller stops to work, any button gets off, only Menu button works and I had to go back at the main menu and enter to practice mode again, but when I did it again, it gets stuck again hahahah.

Here is a video to prove that I told you guys!

Shadow Jago glitch on Youtube

How were you able to do it in the first place? Don’t you need the first healthbar to stlil be there?

In the game was taked as an Ultimate Combo instead the Fake No Mercy with the Instinct Mode. Ooooooorrrr it is another bug hahaha.

I believe this has been reported by someone else? Maybe not in the reporting thread, but in a thread of its own. I definitely remember reading about this.

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Yeah, I reported it in the Bug reporting thread. I encountered it in practice mode. You do the ultimate, all inputs for Shadow Jago stop, and if that happened to Moonlight while TJ got back up for his last stand, it’s a problem that’s should be fixed fast. This shouldn’t be a big issue during a match, since the Ultimate is usually, game over, and why it’s forgivable in practice mode, but now it’s going to affect the TJ combo match up, so it’s definitely a problem now.

And for future reference to the original poster, if you want to report a bug/glitch or problem with a feature not working correctly, check and see if any posted it in the bug reporting thread, and if no one else has, let IG know there.

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