Shadow Jago Ultimate Combo Help

Hi I’m new to the forums and I came here to ask if you guys could help me on Shagos No Mercy Ultra. How do you do it on Xbox One? What buttons do you press? I know the regular ultra its LT but what is the ultimate? Also do I have to be in a specific stage? Thanks.

i dont know the input, but you have to get a supreme victory

Qcf Grab to do the ultimate.

The conditions are that you have to have a supreme victory, as in you still have to be on your green health bar, and the input is a quarter cirlce forward motion LP + LK. Other than that, it’s like activating any order Ultra combo, opponent needs to be in danger.

Everything you need to know is under the pause menu in COMMAND LIST… its all right there for you to learn and explains fairly well.

As mentioned above… you must still have your first life bar and in the place of the ultra press fireball motion forward LP and LK (X & A)

Welcome to KI… use the tutorial in the DOJO, Combo breaker training, and COMMAND LIST

Also Infils guide

And Sajams youtube videos

Make sure youre on your first bar of life. You can tell when its your first bar because the first lifebar is green.

Next, land an ultra on your opponent once their life total is in the dangerzone.
Shagos ultra is quartercircleforward, quartercircle forward, then pressing lightpunch,mediumpunch and strongpunch at the same time.

If you did it right shadow jago should go anime and annihilate his opponent instead of the normal ultra sequence