Shadow Jago Season 3 Rebalance Discussion

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Shadow Jago

[-] Fixed a bug causing Shadow Shendokuken to hit one extra time when used in a ground combo.
[-] Added additional recovery time to end of Slide Enders, preventing some unintended juggles and other bugs.
[-] The earliest moment Shago can cancel out of his Dashes into moves has been moved back 5 frames.
[-] Shendokuken projectiles deal 20% less damage on hit.
[-] Shadow Slide is no longer throw invulnerable
[+] Shadow Divekick is now throw invulnerable on startup.
[+/-] Shadow Divekick changed to a single hit that always recaptures, followed by four grounded hits.

Nothing really big on this list.

It seems more like Shadow Jago was released into the game with season 3 in mind from the get go. None of his enders are being re-adjusted to fall in line with the new damage philsophy, as they pretty much mirror it already. Most of this is just quality of life stuff.

I do like the change to Shadow Divekick though. I’m tired of the recapture missing, this is definitely welcome, and the grounded kicks make it easier to transition to linkers and autos, or put out a counter breaker. The throw invulnerability is nice too.

Not really anything on here that makes you play him much differently than you fundamentally play him now. I’m guessing there may be people who would like to have the annihilation move’s damage changed, but I’ve never really invested in that move for my game plan. It does provoke the most unusual reactions from people who think I’m going to though, I get to punish empty neutral jumps and catch jabs for combo.

Hopefully those added 5 frames make the dash through DP shenanigans more manageable. I thought it was just me having a hard time with it but after watching the world cup even the pros can’t handle it!

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I’ve already found some combos that aren’t possible because I could only get a couple Shadow Divekicks in and should be possible once the first hit recaptures. That should increase his options for less breakable combos, and especially make it harder to break shadow divekick since it won’t be a mash-break anymore.

Love the new animation for Shadow Dive Kick. Makes his combos even more stylish, while adding a bit of extra utility since -like Riptor’s Shadow Tail Flip, Orchid’s Shadow Flik Flak, Maya’s Shadow Tumble Kick, Sadira’s Shadow Widow’s Bite, and ARIA’s Shadow Knee Slide- the breakable rhythm is broken up with a pause, making to harder to break.
Also probably for the best that his fireball damage gets nerfed. He’s a pretty scary zoner right now, even if they don’t do a ton of damage. The fact that he can launch multiple Shendokukens both from the ground and the air, it was pretty stronk.

Lots of new possibilities, with only minor changes. Let’s see what Shago can do.

Note: I wonder…since everyone is getting lower damage, does that mean Fulgore and Shago will seem to pack more punch going into S3?

How do you guys feel about surge divekick no longer being + on block? I’ve been mostly playing Arbiter since S3, but that was one of my go to moves for starting offense with meter, especially when mixing it up with dash dp or dash throw. I think they should’ve made it at least even on block since we have to use meter. However, my opinion could definitely change after more time with him. That move was such a key part of his offense it’s definitely taking some readjustment. Cant just yolo dash surge divekick anymore lol.


This strategy still feels largely intact on wakeup, and after a blocked f+hk (which leaves shago at +2). 5 frames is still very fast, and you have to guess if shago will grab you, do the dp, divekick, or nothing. But the moves definitely come out noticeably later, and some combos are no longer possible because of it (example: throw, s.MK x surge fireballs, dash DP etc…). Admittedly I have only played a handful of matches with S3 shago, so I’m betting characters can poke or throw out if they make a read or shago tries it in a risky situation.

I saw that it was -1 on block. Nothing to really worry about in my opinion.