Shadow Jago re-locked on PC. Crossbuy issue?

I bought Shadow Jago in season 2 during the fundraiser and in the PC version, he’s greyed out and attempting to select him prompts me to buy him again. Everything else seemed to transfer over just fine from my XB1 file except for him.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is it a known bug? I’ve searched all over and haven’t seen anything about just him specifically, and not data in general, not transferring over.

I’m having this issue too, I even put up a reddit post on the issue.

I also bought Shago through the community bundle, so it looks like we’re in the same boat. It’s probably an issue they are having problems resolving, but know about (or at least I hope).

I haven’t had that problem with Shadow Jago, but all 4 S3 characters are grayed out. I got my son the Supreme edition & he can access everything on his profile on PC, but I can’t. It does show my S3 preorder KI gold though.