Shadow Jago no longer selectable after last patch

Hello everyone, since the advent of the last patch I am unable to select shadow jago. Obviously the character and 'was bought and before the patch was perfectly usable, but now I am asked to be bought back.
If I try to do it, nothing happens.
It ‘a known bug and common to all, or and’ just my problem?

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Just redownload him and reset KI

i tried to " repurchase " him, but not possible.
Reset KI? How?

i’m on PC.

You shouldn’t have to repurchase him if you had him already. That is very weird.

right, but on PC i haven’t a " history section " of purchased contents; such as console counterpart.
Or i don’t know, where is it.
Can you explain me, please?

The problem has been reported in the PC thread issue. And i got the same problem if i try to select him they try to open a window for buying him but that goes for like 5-10 minute and after that im back at the character selection screen

I think all we have to do is to wait for a hotfix i hope they will do it fast.

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no words, from the devs???
I want back,my Shadow Jago …

fixed??? (patch 3.1)
let me know

It’s fix !