Shadow Jago new colors

Thought I would create a new topic for ideas for new colors for Shadow Jago. This is my idea a dark grey and black color for Shadow Jago. Used Kolor Instinct to make this.


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Man, how many times am I gonna ask for a wine red Shago? :laughing:


Those are excellent AND perfect colors for Shadow Jago, yes :smile:

Weirdly enough, I thought of a literal show for Shago (similar to Noob Saibot) when I first thought of new colors for Shago. Could work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the palette you did for Shago @Silentdagger17. :smile:

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Thank you EnderSkye

I want a Green Shadow Jago Color. So I can be Minty Fresh when Playing Shadow Jago. As my Motto goes,

Be Fresh, Not Free! <----- Trademarked. :relaxed:


No fruity Shagos, please.

Thank you.


1: Jago’s color but faded, grey hair, and the metal is rusted

2: High contrast Black(clothes) and White(skin) , black eyes, the metal items have a clean black gloss finish

3: Bloody red skin, darker red fabric, Bone colored metal & tattoo, and flesh tone ropes on legs.

4:ash grey everything (tattoo is slightly lighter)

5:sage skin, dark plum fabric, black leg rope, iron metal.

6:simi transparent blue everything (red eyes)

7:black everything with a transparency gradient



I can see him doing it!

Come on damn it! i want shadow jago!!

I can’t take it anyone!!!

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Agree 100%. It’s bad enough we have a violent monk who posed as a ninja that makes him look weird as heck in blue.


I suppose I don’t mind this color so much so long as he was more animated to some degree, similar to Omen’s shadowy effect.

Ascetically, all black wouldn’t make a lot of sense as it would be incredibly plain and an eyesore to the overall design. He could have a little red and his clothing can be Jago’s colored clothes just washed-out and dirty. The red could be his tattoo embedded into his skin similar to a burn or fresh scar.

Purely black just doesn’t fit any character as there has to be layers of colors to separate him from different stages.


I like your idea and yeah some effects like the shadow would look cool on Shadow Jago

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Shago’s retro? Hmmm.

I would like him to have a color based off Pandora mode from sfxt.

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A red one and a gold one please :slight_smile:

Hey if anyone manage to cap Shago’s colors from the recent stream, could you please post them here thank you.

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I think they used this in riptor’s ultimate.


You’re not far off from one of the Original Ideas that Ultimate source had for their extra color

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